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The Song of Friendship
The triumph of truth
For you...
The unplucked flower
The flower and the fragrance of success
The land
The hidden love
Siri and the World of Beauty
Platinum Moments
Acceptance and compromise... leading to ultimate rejection
Automaton actions overpowering reasonless rejections
Once possessed common things becoming treasured valuables
Rejection concealed
A setback for expressions
Happy Birthday to my Friend
Happy Birthday to My Friend
Savoring the ultimate victory
The halted search for truth

Straight from the heart... (Based on real life experiences and real feelings)
The resumed trials for success
What they meant when looks can kill
Whole hearted confessions…. Hopeful waiting- Outcome yet to be known
A tribute to unrealised dreams
Have I achieved the real success- The success I have dreamt of
Everything had left….. but not a drop of tear was shed
Feelings that cannot be concealed
I hate you
The closer you are…
The journey to heart breaks via happiness
The rise and fall of hopes
Those few words
When everything that is wished for keeps leaving you
When infatuations seem to wear away

Contest Winning Entries at IndiBlogger
Soak : Questions and Answers - Winner - Apple IPad 2 worth Rs 25,000
What defines a biker - Winner - United MotorCyclists' Jacket Of India
And that could have been the end of hair problems - Samsung Smart Phone
Tweet - Rs 7,000 Yatra travel voucher
Qvendo Discovered! - Replay Designer Watch worth Rs 3,900
Modern Healthcare - Rs 3,000 Flipkart Voucher
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Internet is fun- Explanation by... - Bean Bag
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Being Ramp Ready - Rs 1,000 Shoppers Stop Voucher
The Philosophical Chat - Rs 1,000 Flipkart voucher
My Gourmet Party - Recreating the Past - Rs 1,000 Kitchens of India Voucher
The braids and their story - Rs 1,200 Voucher
A day with Kyra: And lot more days - T Shirt
Ayur and Chemi - Rs 1,000 Voucher
The Explorer - Rs 1,000 Voucher
1 2 3 4 - 4X couple movie tickets
The Characters - Limited Edition Hobbit Diary

Short Stories
Something beyond money
My childhood and the change
The Co Passenger
The dream of a happy family
The gadget that connected the world but……
The household lady
The memorable journey
The unknown biker
347 Roses

Random thoughts and ideas
Blindfolded by the society
Caught in a cluster of feelings and emotions
Cherishing every moment
I was, am and will be wrong
If time can come to a standstill
Liking what you like
Live in dreams and confine it
Nature smiles, feels and expresses
Reflection in the mirror-In search of what constitutes my life
The beginning and the ending
The curtain raiser towards a light hearted talk
The day when the earth plunged into darkness
The faith
The hidden implication
The message from the rays of hope
The miniature lives
The permanent existence
The smile that works miracles
The uniqueness of art
When silence speaks words
Love, Adventure and Miracle
Revert the change
The unanswered questions
Two hours of self realisation

Entries for IndiBlogger Contests
My dream business and Office 365
Lock in place with Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner
The Straight Hair- History, Ideas and More
The perfect festive look
Of Love And Marriage: The story of two women
Soaked: The story of two reluctant children
Love and Marriage: It's just the path
Getting Soaked: How to wash clothes?
The mystery behind the end of hair problems
Advancement and hair problems - The unexplored funny relationship
Internet is fun
Internet is fun provided...
Was love a two way street?

Happy Hours posts (IndiBlogger)
The Touch of Love
A healthy child makes a happy home
The fear of darkness
An initiative by Domex
My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa
Bangalore and Quikr
The Great Indian Litterbug
The Love Proposal
Asus Go Sleek!
Quikr Nxt
Zenfone - The Ideal Valentine
Bucket List
Bedtime Rituals
It's time to get a better car
My Father
The Happy baby
Guptaji ka Nashta
Zenfone 2

3 Ways To Be Entertained Online You Did Not Know Existed
Beauty and Jewellery
Burst Photography with Zenfone 2
Financial advice on buying a bike in Hyderabad
Boat - The new place of learning in Varanasi
Sell your car at the best price
Sturdy commercial vehicles for booming business in Mumbai
A photo - Won a runner-up prize

BlogAdda Contest Entries
Gillette 1 2 3 4 5
Zest Up Your Life 1 2 3
Black is beautiful 1 2
Cricket just got better 1 2

Book Reviews
Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival
The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi
Toke by Jugal Mody
I'm not twenty four by Sachin Garg
Pittho's World by Murtaza Ravi