Whole hearted confessions…. Hopeful waiting- Outcome yet to be known

Following the usual self and the natural behavior that has got embedded in oneself a long time ago, the hands put the creative mind to work, asking it to perform a little folding, a little writing and the ultimate rolling and what resulted was a pair of alternatives, each leading to the same destiny but in different paths; one filled with flowers and the other with thorns.

With a belief in God and luck, one of it was chosen which demanded the heart to gather courage to question someone so loved about the events leading to the present trauma it was experiencing. A second thought would mean a lost opportunity which might never again show its face.

Prepared for any outcome, whole hearted confessions were put in front of the loved. But the reply given was neither assuring of success nor of failure. It was a step neither into the desert nor into the dense green forest but a midway between them reflecting the confused state that is overpowered by the heart on one side and the mind on the other.

The heart which gathered courage did take a step forward, when it had seen that the demanding question did invoke a small gesture of hope. It had penned down its feelings in words enveloped by gold; gold that constituted truthful feelings, silver that formed the crux of gestures and platinum that represented the eternal love.

A sparrow symbolic of conveying messages was assigned the task of uniting two friends. The time of conveying the messages was decided and the heart did leave the scene to return again when it would receive either the warmest welcome filled with love or the highest rejection filled with cruelty.

And now, it spends its time recollecting every second of its earlier happiness. Destiny shall lead it on the right path.



Lovely post! Such an honest expression! :)
Keep writing dear!

PS. the pic was absolute and added to the feel of the post! Nice photography! :)

Indie! :)

Mohini Puranik

I love your writing style it's full flow from heart.......:) looks very sweet every article.

Aakash Kokz

Beautifully jotted down, very deep :-)

Rajendra Raikwar

great efforts

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