The land


The land accommodated me since ages. It was but the natural choice for me to enter and deal with the proceedings of the day. There wasn’t anything exciting in it but still it was my favourite; the reason being the absence of anything that can depress me beyond recovery. Even if it does so, the land refreshes me the next day and makes me choose it over others. Men enter and leave. But the land remains the same partly due to the fact that a majority those present on the land are most of the times the ones who make sure that the land doesn’t become a symbol of depression.

A person jumping over to another land due to circumstances avoidable and unavoidable, is common but I stay there for ever. Or rather, the entry of those men and women - the required ones - to my temporary abode is what characterises the land. I along with the people decide the location of the land and not the other way round where the land decides the place we need to rest at.

But a state of stability is one that nature can never assure of. And one day, I was barred from entering that land. And then began the path to the miracle!

Some lives are a hand crafted wonderful mix of people, events and experiences. The result is a life that everyone feels envious about. Others try to replicate it but it leads them to nowhere as the replication can never be complete and often the replica misses out the key elements of the original. What happiness can a replica provide when the key to happiness itself is absent!

I looked around searching for a land that can accommodate me. None of the familiar faces were present on the other lands. I wanted to leave but it wasn’t possible, I randomly chose one of them thinking of adapting to it. And then the miracle happened!

A familiar face landed onto the same land and the day was not just non-depressing but also lovable. Every moment was worthy enough to be written on golden ink ion the history of my life, but things do come to an end and so the data ended.

There was a choice the next day - the familiar land with unknown people or the not so familiar land but with that person known enough to choose that land. But, human nature of opting for a safer choice made me choose the former and left me waiting for a day when I will again be barred entry to the highly familiar land and make me choose the land of love!

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Nice Ranjith that is why I love India my land

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