Siri and the World of Beauty
Arjun was walking from one side of the corridor to the other in monotonous strides His hands were clasped and he was praying to God
The Song of Friendship
After travelling through thick forests, mountains, rivers and oceans, the sparrow finally reached the place where it wanted to spend the rest of its life
The memorable journey
Every second of our life keeps passing away much sooner than the tick of the clock and much faster than the speed with which we can realise that another second has been stripped away from our lives and another second we have  moved closer to our death
What they meant when looks can kill
What they meant when looks can kill? In this article I am neither talking about beauty nor any material possession but about something else that is more precious, which is commendable to be rewarded which you yourself will realize after reading this short story that should hardly take a few seconds but will surely consume you and your soul into fire to purify it to offer you a new spirit devoid of any ill feelings, jealousy or hatred of any kind
The day when the earth plunged into darkness
All of a sudden, the entire world that housed mankind in harmony with nature has plunged into darkness
The faith
There was a far off land hidden for ages from the ambitious sailors who wished to explore all that exists
When faith ceases
She stood at the door of the dilapidated house The paint was peeling off and the wall developed cracks
The unplucked flower
The first rays of the sun which struck the earth marked the beginning of a new day Every mortal indulged in the tasks which ensured that the day ends on a successful note
A Road Trip to my Ancestral House
The doorbell rang Expecting it to be a salesman, I moved my eyes away from the laptop screen reluctantly and in slow strides moved to the door
The unknown biker
Some things are meant to be experienced while others are meant to be known from the experiences of the people around us
The dream of a happy family
It appears strange at times to the common eyes that time has the unknown capability to move back into the past unobstructed by limitations of nature
The household lady
Life is an uninteresting affair when one if forced to adhere to a routine that hardly gives time for oneself
Of Love And Marriage: The story of two women
Priya speaks: It has been ages since I have seen her Lost in the myriad problems and troubles that have crept into my life, which were once non-existent; memories of the good old days and of people who were always by my side have receded into the background
Something beyond money
Difficulties, especially monetary ones are a part and parcel of one’s life They enter into our personal lives even without an intimation when everything seems to be going on smoothly that one might wonder if anything in this whole world has the capability of disrupting the smoothest flow ever witnessed by the woirld
The Co Passenger
It was known that my end was drawing near It was known that following a few more sunsets, the succeeding sunrise wouldn’t be lucky enough to have a glimpse of my face when my feet would be striving to attain a state of perfection in health on the sands of the beach
The gadget that connected the world but...
It was a monotonous wait from the moment the first ray had striked the earth My anxious eyes were looking forward for the arrival of the postman who would bring along with him the letters written by my son
My childhood and the change
Change is the essence of life Burning hot gases spiralling around the core have cooled down for a change
The haunted house
At some point of time in the recent past, I ceased to live a life of my own I was rather directed by my own past