When faith ceases

She stood at the door of the dilapidated house. The paint was peeling off and the wall developed cracks. But still, the house looked attractive with the gleaming eyes of that lady. They expressed faith and hope - faith in that man and hope for a better life. She was lost in thoughts of those beautiful moments and the promise made. Her eyes hardly blinked and her thoughts never strayed away. The sun looked down at her with curious eyes continuing its journey. The pigeons hovered around her expecting to be entrusted with the task of sending a letter. And the winds blew trying to pass on the non-existent whispers. But she stool still - as still as a rock with an occasional interruption to her thoughts to see if the loved one is approaching.

The sun settled in the sky directly over her head. The heat was tremendous. It killed the colourful butterflies and left the snails immobile. The parrot couldn’t find a drop of water to quench its thirst. But she stood still as if an invisible umbrella was shielding her from the sun rays. Her bare feet were enjoying the heat from the floor beneath and her hands were providing shelter to the flares from the sun. She was still staring in the direction he left after promising that he would return very soon.

All of a sudden, the weather changed. Black clouds hid the ferocious sun. Lightning and thunder welcomed the rain drops. The butterflies came back to life. The snail gained speed and the parrot quenched its thirst. But she stood still at the same place protected by the wooden roof. The downpour increased. Winds accompanied the evil and damaged the roof. A rain drop fell on her face. She came back from her thoughts to reality but soon resumed them. A few more drops hit her and she got drenched in the rain. Night approached but the rain hadn’t stopped. The temperature dropped to unbearable levels. But she stood still, recollecting the day on which she left her house after her parents rejected their love. That day, it was his presence which gave her the strength to endure the harsh weather and today it is the hope of his arrival that makes her refuse to give up the wait.

A day or two passed but the man who left her at that deserted place to bring something to eat never returned. She realised that it was time for her to bid good bye to the world. She plucked the flowers of the poisonous plant but the wind blew them away. She plucked more and the wind repeated its action. Numerous trials followed but she was unsuccessful. She walked a few steps to the left of the house and peeped down to see if it would serve the purpose. She threw a stone into the valley and it confirmed that the valley can take away life from a person. She jumped but trees obstructed her journey to heaven. She was left with her life and a few bruises. Tears rolled down her eyes. She looked nearby for a strong tree and a vine. She put the vine around her neck gracefully and used the tree as the exit from the world she was living in. Winds blew all of a sudden. Thunders and lightning accompanied and a heavy downpour started. A few minutes passed and the branch broke and fell on the ground but she was already dead.

She looked down from the world above at her loved one who was crying inconsolably at her dead body. With eyes filled with tears, she questioned God as to why she was separated from him. God replied, ‘I had warned you several times using the forces of nature but you didn’t listen.’ 

In golden ink were etched the words - ‘Have faith in your loved one till the world ends. Cease it by ending your life and you are bound to repent.’



Bravo, a wonderful story with a good moral. Best of luck Ranjith for the contest


Nice story with a good Concept! All the best Ranjith! The pictures on your articles are nicely drawn :)

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Ranjith, as usual you proved your uniqueness in the narration. Loved the story.. all the very best

Uma Anandane

Wonderful post! Liked it :)


What a thought. Really nice twist given. Superb.

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