The Story of Little Munna and the Apple
Note : All the scenes shown in the photos below have been arranged and captured by me Staring at the vast blue sky, little Munna realised how boring his life was
Little thoughts
Life starts all ALONE Someone enters, someone leaves but at the end you are still alone waiting for the death to help you start a new life all alone, once again
Two hours of self realisation
( Video exclusively created for this contest) From the moment this form of life has taken its first breath, it was a parallel competitor to the billion other people on this world who spend every second of their life in the process of moving towards the goal
Getting soaked: How to wash clothes?
We humans, equipped with a highly developed brain, have the tendency to make the simplest of things complicated and the already complicated things even more complicated
Soak : Questions and Answers
This post was one of the two winning entries in the 'Soak No More' contest on IndiBlogger and has won an Apple IPad 2 worth Rs 25,000 If you find yourself already soaked to the maximum in work, watch this video and have a smile
The braids and their story
The cane of the teacher couldn’t stop the hair from being grown so long and the tight schedule of my mother couldn’t stop it from being braided
The Explorer
This is a photo blog post entry for the contest 'I am Explorer'  Life was moving on smoothly All of a sudden, the earth crept into darkness