Light Hearted Talks

Acceptance and compromise... leading to ultimate rejection
A habit not present by birth nor developed over years of parenting and schooling but suddenly inculcated in oneself by a mysterious change of situations and the people around
Whole hearted confessions, Hopeful waiting- Outcome yet to be known
Following the usual self and the natural behavior that has got embedded in oneself a long time ago, the hands put the creative mind to work, asking it to perform a little folding, a little writing and the ultimate rolling and what resulted was a pair of alternatives, each leading to the same destiny but in different paths; one filled with flowers and the other with thorns
Once possessed common things becoming treasured valuables
The sun had risen from its cozy bed to offer the little heart another day that promised happiness and joy
The curtain raiser towards a light hearted talk
High up in the air, wandering from one cloud to another which blissfully sailed in the vast expanse of vacuum, a little sparrow was finding the way to happiness
The closer you are
It seems too strange in life that being distant from the person we love the most gives us even more happiness than being in their vicinity
When everything that is wished for keeps leaving you
Thousands of wishes, made visible by the bright hope, were put in front of God The one who had been pushing every human life into trouble had for the first time been moved by these wishes and the hope
Feelings that cannot be concealed
Excavations uncountable unearth everyday hundreds of artefacts, ranging from broken pieces of painted pots to the royal seal that is a mark of glory of the civilization that has prospered hundreds of years ago
Automaton actions overpowering reasonless rejections
A distant view witnesses an image of a full jet black human armoured with broken commitments, degraded relations, long lasting sorrow, and resentment for mistakes committed in the past often dominated by self proclaimed victory of the reduction of the purest soul to destitution
The journey to heart breaks via happiness
Just into the alien world of unknown faces, visual delights and pleasant sounds, including the heartful laughter that expresses joy, the new born least concerned of all that is happening around him lives in his own world
Have I achieved the real success- The success I have dreamt of
Having led a normal life for more than fifteen years, with no ups and downs, a sudden transition landed me amidst ambitions under whose weight I was crushed, and forbidden the right to live as myself
Blindfolded by the society
The eyes, a gateway to the world, can perceive even the slightest movement of an entity to analyze the happenings and act according to the impulses sent by the heart
Reflection in the mirror-In search of what constitutes my life
I recently got a chance to spend time at my own pace, entertaining myself to the maximum to resume my work later on with the best moments from this ‘leisure’ to be visited often from the vast memory of my grey cells
The rise and fall of hopes
A smooth unbranched unipath life was suddenly obstructed The single road diverged into a thousand and a decision was demanded
Rejection concealed
Gestures, so heart touching and love unending, did provide the initiation to set out on the most difficult task of acquiring something for someone though none had asked for it
Live in dreams and confine it
Thoughts expanded into dreams with boundaries undefined, memory wandered across the timeline of ones own life, artistic skill spun in air a backdrop for the happiness to be experienced, characters did enact their roles, the heart did enjoy every drop of love and friendship that had resulted and ultimately the soul boosting the spirit of oneness and confidence did continue its assigned task to achieve the ultimate victory when showers of feelings that ranged from the slightest emotions witnessing tears for having experienced those dreams in reality to those of heart breaking sorrow for something lost never to return again did welcome every footstep only to find reality being hidden deep in the dream and absolute acts of deceiving masking the same
Cherishing every moment
An insight into the past of our lives with an attitude to accept every moment, be it fair or unfair, is sure to reveal to us the implication of life itself and the hidden joy in every second
When silence speaks words
An experience of prolonged silence for time unbound during a talk with one of my friends left me wondering as to what that silence meant and what great thoughts and ideas that silence can imply
Liking what you like
 A deplorably uninteresting quarrel with one of my friends for the smallest reason one can ever imagine suddenly came to an end with a couple of words emanating from the one who had been in my life since so long a time for he virtually is a part of my life, ‘One who likes me should respect my interests and also like them’
Savoring the ultimate victory
There is something that you wish to have in your reach but attaining it seems to be very difficult You keep waiting for it while trying out all the possible ways to reach your ultimate goal
A setback for expressions
The experience of the one you wish to become closer to, avoiding you, words becoming scarce to talk, actions confined to simple gestures and the growing disparity is the greatest shock and the biggest exam one can ever face in their life
I hate you
I hate you The first time in my life I have been deceived I loved you even more than I love myself I had immense faith and confidence in you to have blindly followed your footsteps
The message from the rays of hope
The new year promising success and fulfilling wishes has been given a warm welcome with the sun rays carrying beams of wishes that strayed into the house through the windows leaving the beautiful roses out there, never minding the glass panes nor the curtains, all this done just to wish me on this occasion
Everything had left... but not a drop of tear was shed
There was a time when my life was an empty expanse of space, which contained nothing within it but still had the unlimited freedom that no one else in this world could have possessed
Those few words
Often life becomes boring, uninteresting and hopeless Ages have passed since this soul has landed on this blue planet
The resumed trials for success
Success isn’t the outcome of a single trial but the result of passing through several of those failures which are the stepping stones to success
The halted search for truth
The morning sun awakens every day not withdrawn by weariness to offer us a source that would enable us to see the day’s end
A tribute to unrealised dreams
The pain, agony and mental trauma that one is subjected to on realising the fact that once promised ever to remain relations that would have offered support, if present now, no more exist and have passed away along with the passage of time is so infinite that it can neither be understood to be expressed in words nor be documented into a film for the millions of the world to be a testimony to the suffering soul
When infatuations seem to wear away
Once there was a life, whose journey was abruptly and unknowingly blocked It was forbidden the right to move on
The land
  The land accommodated me since ages It was but the natural choice for me to enter and deal with the proceedings of the day