The curtain raiser towards a light hearted talk

High up in the air, wandering from one cloud to another which blissfully sailed in the vast expanse of vacuum, a little sparrow was finding the way to happiness. Departed from all earthly relations, sorrow filled its eyes which moved down as tears through which were visible the dark jet eyes which still possessed the lustre that could express by themselves unbound self confidence and love for others.

However what it knew not was a simple matter, which was nothing but the eternal truth that there is no place on this earth for expressions of true love which arise from the depths of the heart. It was however still not losing its confidence and was hopeful of finding at least one mortal or a beast or a bird which it would have worshiped as god if only it could find one. However who would be so unlucky to have departed from the materialistic world only to become closer to a small sparrow which is surely the costliest from the eyes of god but worthless when seen with the eyes of a human.

The seven oceans it did cross, the peaks it had reached, every forest, every adobe, every human it did scrutinize but where is it that it is searching for? It has become terribly exhausted, its wings had lost their strength to fly, its eyes had lost the power of vision, its heart beat slowed down and with endless speed it dashed down to the ground and was covered in blood when it was pricked all over its body with thorns.

However hope does not lose its hope. The soul emerged out and continued its journey. There is nothing which can stop its quest of a true human. It is not bound by strengths and weaknesses, no element of this earth can place an obstacle in its way, only its thirst drives it for ever and ever. Hope the mission completes soon.

Hi, I am Ranjith, a student from India. The story above is more than just a collection of words and thoughts. It is the truth that one should realize. The day when selfishness and greed captured humans, the entire world had lost its charm. Hardly do people care for others love and feelings. It is one’s personal life that on is more concerned of. The present generation knows not what the heart is, what words are and what feelings mean. Life can move on even when all the gizmos stop functioning, even when the sun stops its journey and even when the heart stops beating. All that is needed is needed is a light hearted talk.

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