The flower and the fragrance of success
The sun looked like a blazing ball of fire The sand beneath the feet was heated enough to fill the air with a strong aroma of heat and weariness
The beginning and the ending
Life, the beautiful composition, is much more complicated than the spider’s web, looking at which one can find out the least about the path along which the web was built
The hidden love
No matter how smart the human race becomes, the world still contains things that it cannot see On a calm sea, all that is visible is a fraction of the iceberg
Nature smiles, feels and expresses
A tiny tot just into kindergarten, when asked to draw or rather scribble something on paper, the most probable creative art rendered by those tender hands to be witnessed would be a series of mountains in brown with the sun hiding behind the mountains; a thin lake finding its way down the brown land with a few golden fish smiling to the maximum
The permanent existence
The things that promise to stay with us for ever for the belief we have in them might not always fulfil those sacred promises
If time can come to a standstill
I read an author say how even the experienced gray haired do not think for even a moment if the so called truth that ‘Life goes on’ is in reality a truth or if it is a false made true by repetitively terming it to be true, thereby manipulating and corrupting the not so secure data stored in the unbounded memory
The miniature lives
A study of one of the most complicated entities in the cosmos reveals to one the fact that the mystery behind the giant composition was an assemblage of simple sub mysteries which in turn were a proper, systematic arrangements of simple phenomenon of the universe
The smile that works miracles
A boring, uninterested, gloomy and lifeless day could be well transformed into an occasion to be cherished and to be remembered for ever, all with the smile that is known to work miracles
Caught in a cluster of feelings and emotions
 One billion, eight hundred and ninety two million, thirty four thousand seconds is what an average person needs to experience during his lifetime
I was, am and will be wrong
To err is human is a phrase often used to hide up the mistakes committed by one It is an attempt to deceive the ones around to create an impression of being the one against whom alleged charges are sure to fail
The hidden implication
‘Life is a strange that just happens and moves on in an unsystematic way ‘is the view some people where to while others are of the opinion that every incident that takes place in our life wishes to convey some message to us
The uniqueness of art
No omplicated assembly in the universe has the capability to manufacture human or human like entities with such diverse features and each one of them quite distinct from the other in both physical form and artistic capabilities
The unanswered questions
Life is a strange affair Every day that begins with the very familiar rising of the sun does not proceed with the same familiarity
Love and Marriage: It's just the path
The start and the end extend into the interim which has no special signifance except for providing a path to reach the destiny
The Journey and Life
‘Let’s start’ said the voice and I was dragged into the car The doors were shut in harmony with the loud noise it produced
Revert the change
Change is the essence of existence, life and continuity but devoid are they of change Change is the driving force that helps one travel from one time frame to another