The unanswered questions

Life is a strange affair. Every day that begins with the very familiar rising of the sun does not proceed with the same familiarity. Every day is an entirely new one with not even the periphery of a day matching with some day recorded earlier in our lives. New tasks to be accomplished are on the offer and in the process new questions arise in the workflow that demand answers either at that instant of time or after a thought over the query. And in the long process, these ‘simple’ questions demanding highly complex answers stack on the top of one another to create room for themselves in our lives and probably hail themselves as the ‘unanswered questions of our life’.

One thing that requires our attention in this thought flow is the famous riddle ‘Why is a raven like a writing desk? ‘which has its origin in the book 'Alice Adventures in Wonderland'? The question was posed by the Mad Hatter to Alice. After engaging the readers in a heavy workout of the brain while glancing through the pages of the book, the reader is informed through the characters in the book later on that it is a question that possesses no answer.

However, life isn’t so simple that we are going to be informed by some magical power residing in the air, water or earth that the question whose answer we are hunting out for doesn’t possess an answer and moving out on an expedition to distant planets and starts in the universe is a waste of time and effort. And at the same time, we ourselves cannot dare to come to a conclusion that a question whose answer is of utmost importance is a question without an answer for it only piles up onto the existing stack of the unanswered questions filling the void of our lives with an even more dangerous thing- the question that has the potential to make life take a U turn, though searching out for the answer to an answerless question makes no sense.

Now what is the path that we all ought to follow while dealing with such critical questions that may or may not possess critical answers? How can we be assured that the question which is thought to be an answerable one is in reality an answerable one? Who will give an assurance that we will be bought back to this point of time if we get stuck during our search and all the doors seem closed? How do we know if an answer found out with great pain is in fact the correct and the expected one? How would we know if neglecting a question doesn’t mean an opportunity lost in our life? Even if we manage to find an answer, how would we use it to make our journey of life even more pleasant? Who on this world would keep track of these unanswered questions and set out for the search at his own pace? So many questions and many more to add onto the pile of unanswered questions……

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Hats off to u. This is my first entry to your blog. Fantastic.


Each day, we face many new questions and engage ourselves in trying to find the answers to them. But we seldom realize that many of these would have no answers or probably one lifetime is too small to decrypt and find a relevant solution to them.

Brilliant Ranjith, I did go ahead and cast my vote. I am not sure if it went through though. Anyways, my best wishes, hope you win the contest :)


yeah i agree with Arti .. sometimes we look for answers for questions we don't actually have any answers to...and sometimes there are answers but never get what the questions were...i guess life's like that...answers without questions and questions sometimes without answers....

and am thinking am writing too many times questions & :P:P:P

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Thats a great perspective,,
Answers to many questions may become a business, may become a trend..

yes we need to try for the answers

Nare Anthony

Really interesting :)


Great thoughts...

Abhishek Lenka

great writing.. i m loving it..


Does every question have to have an answer? There are some questions that we can never find an answer to- those are what are called the mysteries of life. There are others which we would better not find an answer to because we may not be able to face that answer.


nice thought


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Nice Lines.

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well written.......


.... good one ....the eternal search for answers will go on and on and on....

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