For you…

'Will you bring the stars down for me', she asked with a smile on her face staring into his eyes expecting an emphatic yes as an answer. 'Yes', he said tightly clutching her hands indicating total commitment to her. Wishing to be pampered more, she asked the next question, 'Will you bring down the rainbow and make a garland out of it for me?'. 'Yes, I shall and place it around your neck on the day of our marriage', he said with a wink in his eyes. 'What if it doesn’t rain and shine on the day of our wedding', she asked trying to appear as confused as she could. 'I shall bring them too', he whispered in her ears. She laughed and the sound of her laughter bought the butterflies out of their homes that hovered around them giving an appearance of a crown in motion. 'I will protect you like a delicate artefact of glass till the time I die and I would go to any extent for it; and to get closer to you'.

The unplucked flower

The first rays of the sun which struck the earth marked the beginning of a new day. Every mortal indulged in the tasks which ensured that the day ends on a successful note. And so did every not so mortal creation like the trees and plants. And those which matters to us are the flowers in one corner of the kingdom, each one of them as beautiful as the others, waiting to be plucked by the royal princess and be given a place on her head right beside the crown.

The flower and the fragrance of success

The sun looked like a blazing ball of fire. The sand beneath the feet was heated enough to fill the air with a strong aroma of heat and weariness. The water from the oases evaporated and tickled the taste buds. Two contrasting sensory stimulations - the water and the dry sand - is something which only nature can design. There was a long way to go but the thought of the goal being too far made hope stay silent.

The land


The land accommodated me since ages. It was but the natural choice for me to enter and deal with the proceedings of the day. There wasn’t anything exciting in it but still it was my favourite; the reason being the absence of anything that can depress me beyond recovery. Even if it does so, the land refreshes me the next day and makes me choose it over others. Men enter and leave. But the land remains the same partly due to the fact that a majority those present on the land are most of the times the ones who make sure that the land doesn’t become a symbol of depression.

The hidden love

No matter how smart the human race becomes, the world still contains things that it cannot see. On a calm sea, all that is visible is a fraction of the iceberg. A greater and an even more interesting part hides below the water. The moon that brings with it a pleasant night is but one half of its full - the other half rests in peace. The men and women that we see around are also a fraction of the total self. The invisible immortal feelings of love and friendship in the heart constitute a greater part. They keep hiding, waiting for the right person to discover them.

Siri and the World of Beauty

Arjun was walking from one side of the corridor to the other in monotonous strides. His hands were clasped and he was praying to God. There was anxiety visible on his face and his lips moved constantly in silent prayer. His parents were seated on the metal chairs counting the beads of the rosary trying to suppress their emotions. Nurses in white dresses moved in and out of the caesarean section in haste, refusing to answer Arjun’s queries. On repeated enquiries, the nurse finally said that things turned a bit complicated and they were trying their best. The family’s faith in God helped them stay emotionally strong. Few hours passed and the shrill cry of the baby broke the silence. Hasini delivered a girl who would be named Siri.

Platinum Moments

Everything was moving on smoothly. The day began at exactly six in the morning and ended at ten in the night. The roads led to nowhere but college and home. The bikes racing at full speed on the roads and the laughter of groups of young girls on the roads walking past me filled to garner my attention. The goal was clear - to become a doctor and be of help to those millions of pole who die of diseases, unable to afford treatment, among whom I grew up and one among whom I might become. Little steps in the direction of my goal were successful. The first step made me a topper in my class ten examinations and the second step gave me admission in a prestigious medical university. But the third and the remaining steps would no longer be as smooth as the initial steps and may not necessarily lead me to the goal along the path I thought that they would. The platinum moments of my life and love are yet to begin.


The touch of love

Vimala stood at the door with her eyes wide open, as on any other day, waiting for the arrival of her beloved one. The butterflies in the garden hovered around, clouds moved from one place to another and the streets were abuzz with moving people but she was still, as still as a rock.