For you…

'Will you bring the stars down for me', she asked with a smile on her face staring into his eyes expecting an emphatic yes as an answer. 'Yes', he said tightly clutching her hands indicating total commitment to her. Wishing to be pampered more, she asked the next question, 'Will you bring down the rainbow and make a garland out of it for me?'. 'Yes, I shall and place it around your neck on the day of our marriage', he said with a wink in his eyes. 'What if it doesn’t rain and shine on the day of our wedding', she asked trying to appear as confused as she could. 'I shall bring them too', he whispered in her ears. She laughed and the sound of her laughter bought the butterflies out of their homes that hovered around them giving an appearance of a crown in motion. 'I will protect you like a delicate artefact of glass till the time I die and I would go to any extent for it; and to get closer to you'.

He tied the nuptial knot. They exchanged garlands. Their friends wished them happy days ahead. Celebrations had taken place and now they were all alone in their house enjoying the serenity in the atmosphere and the pleasure in one another’s company.

Her hand was beneath his head and her head resting on his chest trying to hear his heartbeat and find out if it was calling out her name. 'What about you? What will you do for me?' he asked, his voice penetrating the silence in the air. 'Anything that you wish for.' After a short pause, she continued, '… and everything that I can do to get closer to you. Your love is the greatest gift in my life. From now, I am but a part of you. Your desires and wishes are mine.'

A positive aspect of time is the way it erases memories. The sorrow that sets in with the departing of a beloved one doesn’t stay on for long. Time heals and time makes us forget. But all isn’t well. Time also makes one forgetful of the promises made to the loved - promises that were meant to be fulfilled notwithstanding anything that might come in the path.

The promises made before marriage remained as promises that were hardly fulfilled. With time, they too became a part of the past, unworthy of being realised or recollected. They were made to wander in the dark alleys of the darker side of humans. The marriage wasn’t successful.

Not everything in life is carried out with enthusiasm. Errands are carried out for the sake of completing them just like the celebration of their seventh marriage anniversary. For the sake of the world and for the sake of the fulfilment of the promises, albeit half-heartedly and unwillingly, they planned an outing.

The car was moving a great speed. The nature outside was as happy as it was on the day the promises were made. The birds were singing. The butterflies were flapping their wings and the rain drops falling on the earth. But all the things concerned with those two people have changed, changed a lot for the worse. A light music was playing in the background - the music that they listened together and enjoyed whenever they were in one other’s company in those days when they were in love.

Human memories rule the hearts of people. They turn friends into foes and foes into friends. They made the impossible of things possible. For some reason, they wanted to start loving each other once again, much more than the extent to which they had loved in the past. They wanted to mend things. They wanted the past to be the present and the future. They turned their faces towards one another with a faint smile on their lips.

The wheels of the car screeched and it toppled. They both were covered in blood, blood as pure as their love of the past and the present. A lorry has knocked down their car.

The faint smile was still present on his lips. Even though he was in great pain, he crawled towards her bearing the pain inflicted by the thorns that pierced into his body. He pushed her aside. The car came tumbling down the rocks and crushed him to death.

I will protect you like a delicate artefact of glass till I die and will go to any extent for it

She imagined her life without him for a moment but quickly dismissed those thoughts realising that there couldn’t be any life without him. She took a sharp edged rock in one of her hands, the other one tightly holding the hand of her lover and husband and pierced it into her stomach.

… everything that I can do to get closer to you. I am but a part of you.



Ohhh!! That was so sad..But nicely written...All the best :)

Anita Sabat

Sad story Ranjith. But, who said love is easy? They kept promises...
Best wishes!

The Enchantress

All the best :)


hmmmm that felt a bit sad.. but then i think love brings more sadness :)

all the best my friend.. remember me :)


Sad but so beautiful... what emotion!!


Oh that's a pretty tragic story. It is unfortunately true that most marriage vows are meaningless to the couple, repeated mechanically as they are in a strange and often extinct language.

The real vows really come about in the living of the marriage. The day to day can quickly overtake the fragrant memory of the wedding and how you react to that is the test of the strength of your real vows.


Emotions well captured, though I hate sad stories :(

Also, I tagged you in my post : :D


Great story, Ranjith. Quite well written.


Very sad a story. certain incidents in life take you unawares and certain decisions are so instantaneous.

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