Happiness on the banks of a river

I was standing all alone in the midst of a desert. The sun was shining above me like a blazing ball of fire. But it didn’t matter to me. The moon spreading warmth in its place wouldn’t have changed anything. Hot wind carrying particles of sand hit constantly against my face and eyes but it caused the least stir in me. A cool breeze from the seashore in its place wouldn’t have made me any happier. My throat became parched and dry, and was pleading for atleast a drop of water to quench its thirst. I could spot a pool of water at some distance. I ran at full speed only to find out that it was mirage. I then realised that my life wouldn’t have been any better even if it was a lake full of sweet water.

I knelt down, buried my face in my hands and started weeping. The first drop of tear that fell on the sand failed to quench its thirst. In a fraction of a second, it turned into steam and dissolved in the air. But then, a foundation has been laid that would make the job of the remaining tears easier. It reminded me of my first friendship. It lasted for a very short time bit I was a precious one in its own right. The second, the third and fourth tear drops too fell on the earth one by one. With every drop, the land seemed to become happier. Few hours later, I found myself surrounded by water with no way out.

I cried loudly for help. Out of nowhere, a divine figure appeared and said that it would fulfil any wish of mine. I wanted to ask for friendship that would stay for ever but I wondered if there can be love and affection in something that is a result of a magician’s wand. I, instead choose for a beautiful big house, jewels and precious stones. I lived for a few days in their company. I wasn’t happy. Neither was I sad. I wondered if it was a life worth living. I let out a loud shriek and killed myself. Everything around me disappeared and then I found myself sitting on the banks of a river with my feet playing with the fast flowing cold water. Beside me was a friend, smiling and talking to me pointing to the moon above us.

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