Rejection concealed

Gestures, so heart touching and love unending, did provide the initiation to set out on the most difficult task of acquiring something for someone though none had asked for it. The foot was put forward, never to retrace its path until the moment the no more valuable thing than the heart was conquered for gifting for no reason.

Minor streams, a few feet long desert, a tiny ocean and the slightest green cover were the obstacles felt, which in reality were an expanse of troubles, into which , if one caught could find himself turn grey haired when he gets out of its clutches. But these majestic problems feared to approach the self conscience, for the intensity of the desire for the valuable treasure could shatter it into pieces.

Thousands of breaths, hundreds of sunsets, tens of hurdles and the predestined place was reached. The water below reflected the smile spread between the earth and heaven. It was a reflection and nothing more, that should try the least to find itself in vacuum.

It had approached its loved one to gift what has been achieved. A smile did connect them. Days of distances were forgotten in the smiles that can capture you into ultimate falsification.

Days passed so soon but memory was unladed, not even the slightest. The happiness of doing something for what it loved did remain. Though treasure finds no place in front of love, love itself was unbound that it could give the heart what it wanted.

Living in that illusion, a day did come when concealed facts were to be seen in that light of truth. What appeared to be heartful acceptance was a concealed rejection. That heart did break and the future did become insecure but life did maintain the status quo for there is a greater part of the concealed rejection to be realized.


known as Jamed

Nice blog you got here. Very inspiring..


nice blog you got here.

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