Nature smiles, feels and expresses

A tiny tot just into kindergarten, when asked to draw or rather scribble something on paper, the most probable creative art rendered by those tender hands to be witnessed would be a series of mountains in brown with the sun hiding behind the mountains; a thin lake finding its way down the brown land with a few golden fish smiling to the maximum. All this done, yet another significant detail surely finds a place in that masterpiece which is a hut so carefully build lest it not deviate from the dream house in mind.

This very instinct, unexplained by any scientific brain, is the strongest proof to the fact that nature smiles and initiates the same in others.

Who could have taught a child that a drawing meant nature and nothing else, and nature is the heart of a drawing?

Nature means not just nature but something more than that. It is a true reflection of happiness, joy, smiles, care, friendship and above the ultimate feelings.

It expresses its love on us by showering those sweetest drops of pure joy in which we like small children sail our paper boats built in a variety of colours, dancing in the rain, splashing water over one another and making our way through the beam of water falling down from the terrace not allowing even a single drop to strike us.

It expresses its furiousness by the most powerful rays that the fire ball emits often landing us in troubles. At times, it does cool down to provide us with the most pleasant feeling we experience by sitting under the shade of a huge tree when sun rays pass through the leaves making the rain drops falling from the edges of the leaves to sparkle like diamonds.

It greets us on special occasions with the biggest bouquet ever made spread across acres of land decorated with colourful butterflies.

At times as an act of shyness, the sun hides behind the clouds peeping out at moments, lest it not hurt those who wish to see it.

In fact nature is am expanse of feelings that none can imitate. It smiles and spreads the same around it. As a token of appreciation we need to do the same making others cheerful and we imbibing the joy that arises from their smiles. Follow nature and it does make your smile.


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Great Post!! Wonderful inspiring thoughts. It gave me a happy boost :)


Incredible post.Motivational thoughts indeed.I love your blog.

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