I was, am and will be wrong

To err is human is a phrase often used to hide up the mistakes committed by one. It is an attempt to deceive the ones around to create an impression of being the one against whom alleged charges are sure to fail. They are the ones who wish to charge on others for their own benefits and to satisfy their own selfish needs. They are the ones who have committed sins, are committing sins and will continue to commit sins.

On the other hand, there are the ones how wish to accept everything that is imposed on them, even if it is an unworthy thing. They do not have the courage to stand up for themselves and prove their innocence. They are often looked up by the society in a fickle minded way. They are at times hailed to be the descendants of the noble Shri Rama, while at other times the character of Ravana is falsely juxtaposed on them. They have the humility to accept everything for they understand that their voice is sure to get drowned. One such person was seen reflecting on the past, the present and the future.

I was wrong because I did not seem to care about the noble souls around me. I had a world of my own built out of beautiful dreams just for the present and just for me. I did not get excited over my achievements. I was wronged for not having connected with the external world.

I am being wronged because I seem to be too much concerned about my well wishers and friends. I have built wonderful castles in my dreams in which my friends were an integral part. I enjoyed the success of my friends. I was wronged for having invaded the privacy of others.

I will be wronged because I was and I am wronged, and should naturally maintain that state of consistency.



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Good one..Title was very right :-)


Wonderfully written ...


nobody is wrong :) not even the clock that is stopped...for it shows right time twice a day!

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