If time can come to a standstill

I read an author say how even the experienced gray haired do not think for even a moment if the so called truth that ‘Life goes on’ is in reality a truth or if it is a false made true by repetitively terming it to be true, thereby manipulating and corrupting the not so secure data stored in the unbounded memory.

A few minutes of indulgence in these interesting thoughts would reveal to one the actual truth, nourishing on which the assumed truth has grown itself so strong that even the most well built man can spend his entire life repetitively striking the hardest bark millions of times with an axe, whose every sharp edge was crafted with skill to ensure that even the strongest wood would fall before its strength. But defeat, that has no other work than to show every mortal its face has entered the scene, for it believes in providing the opportunity of failure to every mortal.

Reverting our attention from the defeated axe to the assumed truth; one should have by this time with the help of this indulgence in minute details realized that the hidden truth is that life does not go on on its own. It wishes to come to a standstill at quite a number of milestones that congratulate it for every small success achieved, but the right to rest and enjoy is the thing that it has been devoid of since childhood.

The well known proverbs like ‘Time and tide wait for none’ and ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ that even a small child just into school is being forced to be aware of, have acted as major deterrents in allowing life enjoy every moment of peace that could have provided the satisfaction and the encouragement for life to race along the roads of time.

But now, life that is too reluctant to move forward, owing to the fatigue accumulated since ages, is being whipped and beaten, chained and dragged, resulting in wounds from which blood flows out as in a fountain to heights that symbolize the inflicted cruelty on it.

If the creator were to give life just one small wish, it would have attained the sate of permanent happiness and moksha by delinking the chains encircled around it like snakes searching for its prey to feed on. These links of chains that fall to the ground will help one attain the knowledge of the happiest moments life has witnessed but could not be experienced with satisfaction for time was dragging it towards the not so important goals.

The links that have fallen are entrances to the past for they were closer to life throughout the years since the beginning, even more than the closest friend or the one that was loved.

Heat emanated from the fierce sun, that is a supporter of life would melt these iron inks slowly as the day passes, converting the solid to molten iron representing its nature of stubbornness, which would appear as tears shed as resentment for the ones who glance at it casually. But in reality these molten drops are a witness to the pain being experienced for having unable to keep life far away from the reach of happiness.

Uncurtailed by any supreme power, life can now move on pausing when it chooses to pause, walking when it chooses to walk, running when it chooses to run and halting when it chooses to do so. Life has been successful in deceiving itself by assuming it to always have a happy ending. The delinking of the iron chains has only been wished for, but not yet been granted by the creator. I wish make time come to a standstill for I know not what the day after the sunset is going to be.

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Yes, defeat also known as fear of failure to some can bring the strongest to a halt, but it you learn to put one foot in front of the other... then even the smallest can step over defeat to gain their goals. It is belief in yourself that can make this happen... you have to believe in your worth and your ability to succeed.

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