The smile that works miracles

A boring, uninterested, gloomy and lifeless day could be well transformed into an occasion to be cherished and to be remembered for ever, all with the smile that is known to work miracles. The face reflects the mind while the smile enhances the same.

The happiest news can at times seem to be nothing special than the sun rise if that little smile misses from the lips that speak happiness. At the same time the words that have the potential to freeze those fast beating hearts to dwell in silence or which possess the power to set quarrels and work mischief might be perceived with a positive attitude if a smile adds to the words.

One does not have the power or the necessity to imitate a truthful smile. Doing so is an act of deceiving yourself for a smile is a reflection of your state of mind.

An artificial smile or feeling can be well distinguished from the one filled with the essence for only the real entity does possess the essence it needs to have.

A smile is not something that needs to be practiced daily early in the morning in laughing clubs amidst those senseless shouts of laughter emanating from insensible vocal chords. A smile needs to come by itself from the resting house of the expanse of heart at occasions when it is called for.

An enjoyment of nature, a talk, a meeting or a single glance of the loved on can bring that valuable possession to the forefront.

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