The hidden implication

‘Life is a strange that just happens and moves on in an unsystematic way ‘is the view some people where to while others are of the opinion that every incident that takes place in our life wishes to convey some message to us. ‘It is an indication of the fortunes that we are going to be bequeathed with or the miseries that we need to pass through if our existence is to continue.

The truth, according to me, lies midway between these two extreme views. There are some things that take place in our life for the soul purpose of filling up the vacuum in our lives while some others hope to pass on to us some eternal knowledge of about our lives.

Guessing the implication of an incident in our lives is nothing less that attempting to guess with accuracy the side of the coin that would show its face after playing in the air for a few seconds. A day filled with innumerable activities, interaction with a number of high profile people, awards being conferred to you, the signing of important business proposals and many more might have very little or no significance in building up  our future. On the other hand, an exchange of a few words with a stranger during your morning walk on that cold winter day, when even the sun refuses to come out, can become a turning point in our life.

It is the game that god plays with us, not bothered of the wrong paths into which we are led because of them. They are a wonderful blend of the ponds with sweet water and the mirages in the desert.

 A number of people in the busy world, hardly set apart time to recollect what the day has presented to them. They are at a loss in view of the innumerable opportunities that they could not make use of by being in a closed room filled with their own false knowledge. They never tend to accept that life is something beyond science and technology. They don’t seem to visualise it as a creation of god.

There are another group of people caught at various stages of life, often the reason being failure. They recollect their life over and over again trying to figure out the next path that should be taking. They strongly believe that god has already given them a hint on the path that they should be following and the opportunities that are waiting for them. Their whole life seems to pass away in such reflections.

The natural question that is bound to arise is regarding the futility of the quest for the strategic technique to figure out the incidents of the day that wished to convey something. The simplest answer is that time would take care of it. Lessons are learnt and implications are reflected upon only after everything goes beyond ones reach. They are to be accepted as the mistakes that a small child makes during his early childhood days.

The next time, a similar incident takes place, we need to rephrase the implication implied earlier to fit the current scenario and at the same time need to accept that this is just another incident whose meaning we will not be able to decipher because life is not something that repeats itself.


Nitin Jain

Very well said Ranjith...futile it is indeed... However I am not sure if God wants to convey us anything or can convey anything at all...I think the God as the ultimate truth is the outcome of human mind's inability to comprehend randomness in short term.

Spiritual Sherpa

Interesting thoughts there..would like to add my two pennies buddy...change sometimes creeps in very subtly in our instead of one big bang...there will be a chain of events...seemingly unconnected that go on to bring something radically new in our lives...


Life has nothing to do with perfection. It's all about choices and if you can make the right choice at the right time, then you win. Don't worry, if u fail because you have got to make numerous choices in your life on numerous occassions. So, obviously u will get ur turn. Till then be patient.
Great work friend and keep building ur words

Vishal Kataria

Spot on, Ranjith! I mirror your thoughts. Don't think I need to elaborate. You've said it all!

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