The miniature lives

A study of one of the most complicated entities in the cosmos reveals to one the fact that the mystery behind the giant composition was an assemblage of simple sub mysteries which in turn were a proper, systematic arrangements of simple phenomenon of the universe.

Life too is similar. When seen as a whole, it seems to be a complicated cluster of feelings, an expanse of events and a plethora of thoughts and relations. But a skilled analyst would be intelligent enough to divide and subdivide life continuously until he goes down to the level of miniature lives.

Each of them has a significance of their own. They have a problem, a success, a failure, a state of depression, a list of participating acquaintances and a well defined interaction with the main life; all unique to themselves.

The success or failure of an individual depends on the successes in each of the miniature lives and his control over them. A life comprised of single successful miniature life and ninety nine unsuccessful miniature lives can still be termed as a successful one if the involved person possess the power to make his heart and brain agree that the successful miniature life was the only important primary goal of his life and that the unsuccessful miniature lives cannot diminish the glory of success by even one percent, even when all odd cases are taken into account. But at the same time, one cannot claim his life that had the distinction of being unsuccessful in all miniature lives, to be a successful one on the grounds that his basic aim in life was to fail in every task that he needs to accomplish.

An individual has the duty of setting his priorities by drawing a strict line of boundary between the aspects in his life that are important and unimportant. Infant life, childhood, youth, love, friendship studies, marriage, parentage, business life, money, work tensions, happiness, sorrow and excitement, are all miniature lives; some of them being the stages of life while others are emotions that we keep experiencing in our lives.

One needs to choose what miniature lives have the right to form the crux of his life. A student needs to accept studies as his first priority followed by friends and parents. Love, money and financial stresses are the ones that he needs to be far away from, even though they tend to be closely associated with him.

Similarly a married person needs to consider his married life as the most important miniature life. He has a responsibility to fulfill the promises made by tying the nuptial know in front of the fire or the exchange of rings in front of the Father.

People in their old age need to accept satisfaction as their primary miniature life or miniature feeling. They are in a stage where nothing can be achieved just by sheer want.

Life needs to be compartmentalized into simpler things arranged in order of preference between which proper coordination needs to be achieved. Even if the links at the end of the long train named life break off, the remaining ones complete the journey of life.


Anil P

Life is a sum of parts, each part is in itself a sum of its own parts.

Dealing with parts before looking at the whole will always provide a different perspective.


@ Anil P
Well said. The complex life should be viewed in the perspective as seen by you. And that is what we do in our daily lives. The problem can be attacked from the grass roots level if we divide and sub divide life.
- Ranjith


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