Blindfolded by the society

The eyes, a gateway to the world, can perceive even the slightest movement of an entity to analyze the happenings and act according to the impulses sent by the heart. Everything in this ideal situation was moving on the right path.

Expressions were expressed in the way they need to be and words were spoken in the right way. But one day, the eyes were blindfolded by the society.

Rays of truth, the faintest, did cross the black cloth to reach the eyes but the blindfolded eyes did deceive themselves. They accepted to remain blindfolded seeing false images rather than standing against the committed sin, to visualize the truth.

The conversion of the truth to a lie and the lie to a truth did become the order of the day. Messages were interpreted wrongly and a natural consequence was that the actions that in reality were to be wronged were made to climb peaks by the society that had blindfolded the eyes. False praises, broken promises and unnecessary talks have driven then heart, that was a few days earlier the purest thing on this world, next to god. What was ultimately left was the false glory that it was receiving. But where had the true self disappeared?

Ages did pass when ultimately the day came when it was to take its last breath. Rather than feeling pity towards itself, the eyes were in a joyful mood for it was the day the blindfolded eyes will be able to see the truth. Only death has the power to do it.




Very nice article, about truth , the only truth is changes, from birth to the death everything is change someone's truth is others false, Only change is Ultimate Truth

very impressed with your writing skill, very good article ,


Thank you siva for sharing your opinion. I accept that change is the ultimate truth. Nothing can remain in the same way for ever. Change is essential and is a part of life.
- Ranjith


thanks for the nice post :)


You're welcome farouk
- Ranjith

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