The closer you are…..

It seems too strange in life that being distant from the person we love the most gives us even more happiness than being in their vicinity. Being by your side I dared not speak a word lest the words that have arisen from my heart hurt your feelings. I enjoy being silent and not talk a single word when you are beside me.

Feeling your presence by holding your hands gives me the happiness that I never felt and the assurance towards life that I never received. If God were to give me a wish I would have asked for your everlasting presence beside me.

But truly speaking, I even more enjoy the moments when you are far away form my vision. In these times I cherish those happy moments that I have spent with you, the days I and you have enjoyed by sharing smiles and the days I tried to pacify you when you were angry on me.

I can visualize your portrait being spun in the air in front of me and the usual smile I experience for most of the time when you are beside me. I aim at my target keeping you as the ultimate goal.

I wish not to meet you again lest those last loving, memorable shaking of our hands be replaced by a terrific fight. I now have all that I have wanted to have to have. Thank you friend for giving me all that I wanted to have…….



very interesting and different post. nice.

Vijeta Biradar

A different perspective, this one. There is an incompleteness to it as if though it's about two people there'seems to be one.. that's how I feel after reading. The feelings have been expressed lucidly though! :)

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