Savoring the ultimate victory

There is something that you wish to have in your reach but attaining it seems to be very difficult. You keep waiting for it while trying out all the possible ways to reach your ultimate goal. Your path is covered with thorns that can give you enough pain to make you say that you would go away without even having a glimpse of what you wished to have.

The forces of nature, not the sun, wind and rain but those crafted humans are the real obstacles. Words filled with poison emanate from the jealousy and cruelty that they possess. It does possess the power to transform the smiling flowers which have become an adobe for colourful butterflies to a withered mass which can serve no more purpose than for the base creatures to feed on.

Destiny that keeps commanding life however keeps emanating rays of hope, in every direction with a genuine hope that if not a beam at least a ray would be perceived by our senses.

You keep moving forward for days together forgetting what life is all about, for you have a picture of nothing but the destiny hovering before your eyes. Exhausted and tired, you may take rest for a moment from the short valuable time that you possess. The destiny may be reduced into vacuum if not reached in time.

Your eyes seem to be filled with every emotion that can be felt by the heart; pain, grief and anxiety, arising from tiredness; fear of losing the battle; hope that you are going to win and above all love towards what you really love.

The propelling force seems to be always greater than the retarding for those who really long to have a taste of victory of the purpose for which has been started for the long lasting journey. The sun rises and sets and is not going to wait for you. It is predetermined to perform the daily routine as you have been to reach what you need to reach. Days and months keep passing till you reach your destination and your life.

The happiness that arises at the moment cannot be described in a single word. It can only be felt by the union of the heart and the soul. All the pain experienced by you keeps moving in front of your eyes to give you an additional boost to be really happy for having attained what you wished to have possessed. For days, the happiness seems to make you more and more joyful. However life waits for none and another target has already been set for you.

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