Feelings that cannot be concealed

Excavations uncountable unearth everyday hundreds of artefacts, ranging from broken pieces of painted pots to the royal seal that is a mark of glory of the civilization that has prospered hundreds of years ago. The soil, an element of nature, tries to hide everything within itself, too selfish to part with others the concealed knowledge of the rulers and the ruled who have lived in vast dynasties and kingdoms.

Even when the witness rejects sharing what it was a spectator to, the archaeologists like the skilled detectives never leave any part of the land unreformed.

If only there were some people who could look deep into the hearts and the mind and read the eyes of mortals, have chaotic would the world be! Results of the ‘heartful’ excavations keep pouring in from all the corners of the world for a day spent with someone on a foreign land or just a minute of exchange of silence, looking at one another can develop feelings of every feeling. Some remain for ever, never to leave us, following us like a shadow to every place we visit leaving its trait as the jasmine does. On the other hand, some other feelings persist for a few hours, days, months and then perish, having attained eternal moksha.

But the skilled ‘heart readers’ have the capacity to provoke a revisit to these feelings, encoding them when we recollect, to pass onto the client.

A revelation of feelings related to one person on this earth can take as long as a year to be processed, given the number of people on earth with whom we did have an exchange. No wonder if that person who wished receive that knowledge goes mad unable to digest the love and hatred of others.

Life would have been better if everyone accepted the doctrine of not to hide feelings but hatred proposing to share happiness and love, unobstructed by ego while putting a barrier much larger than required for hatred.

One might wish to confess the fact that some other person has a substantial influence on his life and he cannot live without that person. The situations leading to such engrossing thoughts might be the result of a faithful act performed in the past or the sharing of mutual friendship that knows no limits. Relations might have been damaged leading to the present rejection to the doctrine of not to hide feelings but hatred.

If only that rejection was chained with iron and safeguarded by faith in that relation lest the rejection free itself from the clutches, life would have been much better.

All that is required is the strongest opposition towards trying to conceal feelings and the desire for friendship or love, with a king heart to forget all the mischief that has taken place and the cold war, be it one sided or two sided for a period extending to more than three months.

However, life continues and feelings express themselves for a noble cause of reunion.



Nice post. :-)


interesting write up. I liked that way you summed up, feelings cannot/should be withheld .


Holding grudges is not the healthiest way for relationships to prosper. Letting go is the hardest but the best way to continue relationships.

Mohini Puranik

You write so deep. You are so creative and You are so active on forum. So how do you manage this?

I am so sorry, I am so late on your blog. But you know, when you arrived on Indi, I was engaged in tensions. So couldn't visit your blog. and missed all the thoughtful creativity.

Thanks a lot for wonderful gift to my blog dear.


@ Mohinee Thank you very much. Right now, I have lots of free time and manage all the things that I am currently into.

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