Reflection in the mirror-In search of what constitutes my life

I recently got a chance to spend time at my own pace, entertaining myself to the maximum to resume my work later on with the best moments from this ‘leisure’ to be visited often from the vast memory of my grey cells.

Scanning through every TV channel that my cable operator had provided with, a full one hour was consumed with no result of any satisfaction of being at home. However, a few minutes later, something caught my attention. An impulse from my spine prevented me from pressing the button that would land me on just one another channel, that could be either the one dominating the network with high TRP ratings or the one that is in search for viewers, ready to offer a few dollars as a token of appreciation and to retain its assumed users.

A man dressed in the simplest but the best way one could was standing in front of a huge mirror that was reflecting the streaks of light incident on it from nowhere, but from the luminous eyes of that man. The spark in his eyes, if one could notice was searching vividly for some answer which could be answered by none but his self conscience. His lips were engaged in speaking out to himself. There was the least stir or the shake in his moments. He seemed to be inclined to no other thing than finding the ‘light of revelation’ for his eternal quest.

He appeared to me even greater than the Lord Buddha who had spent ages under the peepal tree seeking the eternal meaning of life and death. I say so, because hardly anyone, except the rishis and sanyasis did benefit from what Buddha had preached the world. The teachings of that young Siddhartha could never make anyone complete in oneself. It had just laid the foundation of a new cult.

But now, the man was seeking the knowledge of himself, the knowledge of who constituted his little kingdom of peace and happiness and the details of those who really need him in their lives. He seemed to be engulfed by emotions that were a consequence of his life on this earth for a long period of over seventeen years, every second of which had presented to him a great deal of problems that he needed to tackle.

He seeks not the secret place where Alibaba had hid the tones of gold stolen by him not the entrance to heaven or hell, that had been so much talked of in Holy Scriptures. He seeks the answer to the biggest question of himself, the question that decides the journey of the rest of his life.

It is a human’s attempt to understand one another’s feelings and the need of another person in our lives. It looks foolish for an innocent, as God’s grace for those who believe in karma yogis, as a tool of self introspection for the psychologists and as a natural human behavior resulting from love, for myself and the many like minded people.

Hope the mission succeeds.


Jenny Fletcher

Nor sure if it is deliberate, and an expression of style but some of the sentences are too long. The effect is that you have to go back and re-read them to get the true meaning. Maybe that's good and what the author intended. It might annoy some people though.
A quirky and unusual blog and rather entertaining.


Thanks very much. I at times deliberately make the sentences a bit longer while at other times, it happens in that way on its own. I consider it to be my style of writing. Surely, it might annoy some people but reading the article a second time in peace would definitely make one think over what I had written.

Christian Hollingsworth

This is my first time here, and I love it. Love your blog background. Hummingbirds have always been interesting creatures to me. So delicate, yet fast and decisive. Enjoy the way you write. It's inspiring. Thanks for letting me be here!

So here are some of my thoughts...It seems we can learn from anyone here on this earth. Whether it's that suited man or Buddha, we're all searching. All searching to be greater, bigger, better, more connected. We're searching for something larger than self.

There are times in my life when I feel very, very disconnected. It seems that these times are when I'm unhappiest. When I'm not praying, meditating, reading, laughing or smiling enough. Those are the sad times. When I do my best to take time for those things - I'm happy once again.


Thanks Christian Hollingsworth for the comment. Your view regarding the search for the divine truth is interesting. The person from whom we learn does not matter a lot. We can pause at any reflection be it our own, an elderly person or a small innocent child and learn something new that makes our life better.
- Ranjith

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