Liking what you like

A deplorably uninteresting quarrel with one of my friends for the smallest reason one can ever imagine suddenly came to an end with a couple of words emanating from the one who had been in my life since so long a time for he virtually is a part of my life, ‘One who likes me should respect my interests and also like them’.

This one small dialogue indeed had touched my heart to such a great extent that even today when I wish to say someone ‘I like you’, those collection of words reverberate in my heart preventing me from saying what I wish to, for I fear I may not be able to like his interests as much as I like him.
 Those golden words had taken me on a philosophical, thoughtful journey making me visit every moment of my life, collecting thoughts to evaluate the genuinity of those words. But still I wasn’t able to accept completely what he told. I would have, if the same would be read as ‘Like the person and be silent with his interests’.

 However a day did come when I was in a position where I was required to answer myself.
With no thoughts of previous happenings, a meeting scheduled with one of my friends did witness something I myself had not accepted earlier. It was something that had really come form my heart, penned down by my own feelings with the least recollection of previous memories. I have said something that I never expected to say in my life.

నేనంటే ఇష్టపడేవాళ్ళు నాకు నచ్చిన ప్రతి విషయాన్నీ ఇష్ట పడాలి

‘The one who likes me should like everything that I like’

Reasons are something that don’t exist for such things.

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Really short but one of the most touching line.. I think its 100 % true.

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