Automaton actions overpowering reasonless rejections

A distant view witnesses an image of a full jet black human armoured with broken commitments, degraded relations, long lasting sorrow, and resentment for mistakes committed in the past often dominated by self proclaimed victory of the reduction of the purest soul to destitution. Miles are yet to be covered if the inner self of that warrior is to be known, who was infusing the spirit of reality in a tender, childish heart.

Unaccomplished task was what he had returned for the burden of the enlightening job arising from the no so meaningful, often obscure remarks by others which did break him down to pieces.

What is to be explored is not the righteousness of this warrior or the other soul, but the moral decline and conflicting ideologies and feelings of the warrior.

After we having walked beneath a few star lit skies, the warrior did present his truthful self for the soul to perceive. The arms around him illusions created and secured by none but the warrior himself for reasonless reasons. It was an act to cover the truth of the glorious love in an attempt towards self deceival.

However automaton actions overpowered reasonless rejections when a slightest move towards perception of reality was made and a simple unlocking of the lips fused together since ages when an utterance did reach every ear that wished for the well being of that soul followed by a splendid welcome into the adobe build of confidence, faith, trust and love.

The greatest and the most unworthy thing that is too difficult to be executed is concealment of the real self for a desire to expose unwanted and often objectionable feeling that do exist in reality just like a speck of dust in the ever expanding universe of positive ideologies. Automaton actions provoked by the heart and its natural instincts are always seen to win over baseless sufferings and rejections.

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