Live in dreams and confine it

Thoughts expanded into dreams with boundaries undefined, memory wandered across the timeline of ones own life, artistic skill spun in air a backdrop for the happiness to be experienced, characters did enact their roles, the heart did enjoy every drop of love and friendship that had resulted and ultimately the soul boosting the spirit of oneness and confidence did continue its assigned task to achieve the ultimate victory when showers of feelings that ranged from the slightest emotions witnessing tears for having experienced those dreams in reality to those of heart breaking sorrow for something lost never to return again did welcome every footstep only to find reality being hidden deep in the dream and absolute acts of deceiving masking the same.

Every act of mine to be fulfilled has been rehearsed for hours together with monotonous analysation of the possible consequences resulting in tremendous stress. Gathering the maximum possible confidence everyone have given me, I went foreword to express my desire only to realize that it was too late, for those to witness my feelings had already reached too far, so great a distance that I may have to wait for another opportunity, only for the rehearsal to repeat itself followed by the same shyness and the similar ultimate loss.

If only actions were confined to dreams and the feelings resulting, breaking barriers of reality and imagination could penetrate ones life to offer happiness of something that had actually not taken place, life would be heaven that one would experience for time limitless.

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