When silence speaks words

An experience of prolonged silence for time unbound during a talk with one of my friends left me wondering as to what that silence meant and what great thoughts and ideas that silence can imply.

One does not even think as to how close to hell can one experience life if words were absent for silence to encompass life and thoughts. Silence at times can mean something that can offer relaxation and peace of mind. But its wrong usage at the wrong time with the wrong person can create havoc.

Actions at times can mean an expanse of confidence and well wishes when coupled with words but the instant, words become a reality existing in vacuum and gestures replace the all encompassing hell called life; life is bound to become something that one can never expect to take place.

A sudden transformation of a joyous smiling heart to the one drowned in tears which would be sufficient for a millennium if one were to use it, is what was witnessed.

Actions meant words, words meant expressions, expressions implied feelings, and feelings had love that isn't existing or is hidden underneath too shy to show its face...

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