The journey to heart breaks via happiness

Just into the alien world of unknown faces, visual delights and pleasant sounds, including the heartful laughter that expresses joy, the new born least concerned of all that is happening around him lives in his own world. His eyes still see everything in black and white, his ears are not too keen to perceive the sound of a pin striking the floor and his lips do not possess the ability to ask for what he wants.

But still his life in his dreams during the prolonged uninterrupted session of sleep, lasting for almost the entire day, witnesses a colourful life. The teddy bears and the Mickey Mouse with the accompanying Minnie to which he is accustomed to playing by now take him on a ride through the Disney land obeying every order that he issues. Harry Potter comes alive and offers a ride on his broomstick to visit the Supreme power that the parents have prayed for a long time. Grandpa Santa places in his hands loaded gifts.

The sweet smell of the chocolate cake, the scent of the flowers and the luminous candles which when lit opens into a lotus- all of these greet the child on every repetition of the day he was born. Dances, smiles, sweet kisses and hugs is what he knows. The love showered on him was so intense that he had to search for himself among it.

Never does he face any heart break- be it a mere angry glance by his parents or a defeat in a prestigious game. He knows not the distinction between success and failure. For him, these unknown words are something meant for those who need to take up challenges and not for a new born like him who hasn’t even learnt to put a step forward on his own, unsupported. Tears roll down only occasionally to inform his parents that he needs something and when it is provided, the tears transform into a broad smile.

Days, months and years pass and now he is a twenty five year old.

Joy and happiness have disappeared from his life. Misery is what has been left for him to enjoy. He has lost his loved one when rejection was what the parents have given in return for a sincere request. He has to make up his career. Stiff competition is prevalent at every place that he wishes to work at. He has been gifted neither the ‘expanse of memory’ nor the ‘jewels of wealth’. The society was reluctant in favoring such people, with age, heart breaks also did grow and love which was thought to be unbounded did break the four walls in which it was prisoned along with that little boy to fly with the greatest possible speed to another newborn.

This man, now surrounded by something not present earlier, is heard to whisper:

‘If only I was not born on this Earth...’

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