A tribute to unrealised dreams

The pain, agony and mental trauma that one is subjected to on realising the fact that once promised ever to remain relations that would have offered support, if present now, no more exist and have passed away along with the passage of time is so infinite that it can neither be understood to be expressed in words nor be documented into a film for the millions of the world to be a testimony to the suffering soul.

The suffering has a divine meaning implied if the relation had existed in reality for a time frame sufficient enough to induce unbreakable love of friendship in the two mutually connected hearts. However, the spectators have a right to question the futility of the pain if the pain is a tribute being paid to the relation that hasn’t yet come into existence but has been thought to be an everlasting one if it would have done so or at least had the probability of coming onto existence, given the favourable situations and circumstances.

Such human suffering is hidden under the heaps of other forms of suffering that every corner of the world is already witnessing. Hunting out for such rarest of the rare suffering is a  herculean task but if accomplished can open the doors to the study of the feelings unbound by physical or mental barriers- feelings love and friendship that can make things assumed to have happened by virtue of magic in thin air.

One person, devoid of work has set out his search for a soul or the pair of souls satisfying these criteria and was lucky enough to have found one within minutes, not because such h feelings are widespread but because of the proximity of its location to this self-assumed investigator.  This is what the memories in the diary had to say:

‘Life was always strange to me and so is now. I, the unluckiest person who keeps losing everything that is possessed had today lost something even before it could be in my possession- the friendship of the one who could have substituted the lost friendship of so loved a friend. What was once lost when in my possession is now lost again a second time, when out of my possession.

Friendship between him and myself was something that I least expected but a single moment did change the strongest of the strong feelings that I had implanted in my brain- a friend never has a plural form. Those few words undisclosed on the happenings of my life, spoken in much less than a minute did promise me once again of the assurance of an everlasting support for the rest of my life. Dreams once shattered were rebuilt in a different form and the beginning of a new life was assumed to take place. Celebrations were in full swing in every corner of my heart to rejoice the arrival of a new friend and to welcome him into the lonely life of this person with everything that I possess and am going to possess.

But destiny did perform its role. Invisible for the eye as well as the heart but visible for the mind were the hundreds of miles of distance between us in any matter to be considered. The truth hidden till no was realised.

Let these celebrations be a tribute to the unrealised dreams of the possession of a new friend and a new day of hope. But...’


Nitin Jain

that was a reading delight Ranjith! Over a period of time, every suffering attains a divine meaning at least for the sufferer and spectators will always have a right to question the futility of all such pains ! Great post...

Meera Sundararajan

Ranjith,, I dont care too much for suffering like our Urdu Shayars!! But you have done a wonderful job of writing about them. Suffering tears the heart apart - I have been through it and dont want to experience it ever again. but then life is full of them isn't it?


I agree with Meera :-)


@ Meera Thank you. Suffering has the potential to reduce a person to the most unlucky substance of Earth and the pain can be felt only when experiences it.

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