Everything had left….. but not a drop of tear was shed

There was a time when my life was an empty expanse of space, which contained nothing within it but still had the unlimited freedom that no one else in this world could have possessed. There was neither the joy that arises from the unbreakable friendship nor the sorrow that arises from repenting for something lost, for there was nothing gained till that day.

It was a cycle repeating itself every day, waking up to the call of the birds, refreshing myself, having my breakfast, completing the chores of the day, returning back home and lying down in bed to offer myself to another day. It was a cycle undeviated and undistracted.

The sun had been waiting to quench its thirst with the tears that might roll down my eyes and so was the wind patiently standing in front of me to convey the sound of laughter to the ones concerned. They waited for days, months and years together when one day, a strategy was built to satisfy them.

Astrological calculations were performed and a befitting time was decided to initiate the tender being in me to act in its natural way.

The invasion of a friend into my life had shattered the records of the only living person on this earth possessing a heart that knew not what emotions were. Unknown yet pleasing emotions had taken birth in me that day. There was a feeling of oneness and yet another feeling dating back to millions of years if one could trace it. Barricades were shattered between us. An interlocking of the hands conveyed a message to me, that the friendship is going to remain for ever.

An empty life was filled with events uncountable. I wished that a day comprised of a billion years for the day seemed to end as soon as it had begun. My success hit a plateau and I was dragged over it by my friend. The days witnessed a skillful mix of emotions- of happiness and sorrow. The sun had hailed its victory and so did the wind. The message of true friendship was conveyed to every corner of the world.

Messages on the paper that feared death were assured of their permanent existence by inscribing them in the depths of our hearts.

Even in those when everything seemed to move on smoothly, there was a question that my self conscience posed to me frequently- ‘Will you be able to bear the separation if it ever comes in the way of your friendship.’ There were times when dreams that saw the break up, woke me up in the middle of the night, my face accommodating a thousand sparkling drops of water that was as pure as the friendship. I wished that those nightmares should never come true.

But my request was not confirmed and the day did come.

Everything and everyone kept leaving me in a highly systematic way. The inscribed messages were made to disappear with the intrusion of a chisel and a hammer, the same set of tools that were used earlier. The only difference was pain being experienced by me which was not the case earlier. The message of the breakup reached every corner which had earlier reverberated with falsely propagated messages. Every emotion had now narrowed into unending sorrow. My success went on a ride downhill. I wished that the day ended sooner, for I could not feel pity for my reflection in the mirror all day that was grief stricken. The uncountable events that had filled my life had now turned into a single digited number and at many times a big zero. One of the interlocked hands was seen to try to free itself from the clutches. Barricades and barbed wires were back to their positions. Once arisen feelings have now vanished.

And finally, that friend who promised of things uncountable and unbelievable had also lefty. My life had resumed to its original state.

Someone had come bringing unbounded happiness and after a few months had left taking away not only the happiness but also the piece of mind that existed earlier. My life is now filled with memories everlasting and unforgettable, and tears uncontrollable. Not a hope of the relation being reestablished …….but still not a drop of tear was shed.



Ranjith, nice article on how life moves on with friends migrating or seperating and than new friends take their place. Shedding tears or melancholy taking over, joyous occasion are all cycles, which roll over


Liked ur blog..its fun to read it.. bookmarked it..


@ Deguide Thank you. The cycle repeats itself over and over again and there is not a single way to get out of it.
@ Dr Kenit Patel Glad to see that you have liked my blog. Hope to see you again here.


hi...great blog of your's! reflection of my life too.And it gives inspiration..keep blogging!followed you..


@ Sagittarian Thank you. Glad to know that you are inspired by my blog. Hope to see you here again.

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