When everything that is wished for keeps leaving you

Thousands of wishes, made visible by the bright hope, were put in front of God. The one who had been pushing every human life into trouble had for the first time been moved by these wishes and the hope.

Every wish that was put forward was a sincere request, some of them for self happiness, some for the ones around and some connecting the self with the world. Mortal selfish was least visible and these wishes were as pure as the diamond hidden for years inside the earth untouched by human hands.

God had wanted to grant these sacred wishes but there was something obstructing the good work. The words about future written by Brahma on the forehead were a complete opposition to what was being wished for.

Fearing the loss of a place in the devotees heart for having unable to fulfill even the minute wishes, God said in breaking words ‘All that is wished for would come true.’ What the God says is the thing that should ultimately happen. But at the same time, the sacred writings on the forehead cannot be manipulated.

Time that decides what is going to happen was seen to be caught in between these two opposing voices. It was unable to decide on the things that should be taking place in the future. It had left everything to human commitment and God’s will.

Destiny had done its work respecting both the opposing words by two sacred voices. The wishes granted were fulfilled, for a wish once given cannot be taken away. At the same time, the pre written future has to be executed. And so the granted wishes could be experienced for only a few days following which the normal life of suffering has resumed. Everything that was wished for left as soon as it entered.

What an unlucky person!



really nice post.............!!!! u made that gif urself??
coz its really beautiful..

Bhargav Bhatt

just awesome... so beautifully crafted concern,,, i truely truely believe each and every word of yours...

gr8 sharing...


Hmm...I like the pic. I don't agree that what is written has to be. You CAN change your destiny. undoubtedly.


@ mbka Yes, the photos have been taken by me.
@ Bhargav Thank you
@ Kalpana Mishra If at all we feel that we have changed something, the change itself is written in our destiny.

Meera Sundararajan

Well interesting....!!! So you say that destiny cannot be changed by God himself? I say that man makes his destiny. God helps him move towards or away from it. But arguments apart I like the philosophical treatment of this post. Made good reading!


@ Meera Sundararajan There is a conflict in the holy scriptures regarding destiny. Some part of it says that destiny is pre written. While a few other stories emphasize on the fact that man is capable of moulding his future. Glad to see you like the philosophical aspect of the post.

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