Acceptance and compromise…..leading to ultimate rejection

A habit not present by birth nor developed over years of parenting and schooling but suddenly inculcated in oneself by a mysterious change of situations and the people around. What was thought to be an enclosure of four walls had suddenly exploded boundaries only to get lost among varied feelings of varied humans. It had been taught everything in a short span of time no more than six months. The character did nod its head to everything accepting to learn everything for it was from the ones whom it did love for the first time for feelings infinite were showered on it, so immense, that it had to search for itself.

After this short span of training, it had started experiencing the hidden pleasure and happiness in every moment of its life.

Situations unseen, decisions abundant with the best to be chosen if everything is to go on the right path, did present themselves. A wrong decision could have led everything in the direction unwanted. Happiness was seen and felt in every moment.

Though what was experienced has been destined to last for no more than a six of ten days, the heart did feel with confidence that there could be none in the entire world happier than what it was. If it could find one then what can be assured is that it is an act of self deceival and meaningless vain attempts for exposing something that really does not exist.

Over these few days it had experienced the utmost of feelings. A few seconds of disheartment in the entire day was thought to be unfair and a pain in the heart was experienced for happiness when seen to be limitless does visualize sadness to be an ocean.

It has done many things worthy to be named sacrifices which it could not realize for the fruits of it were widespread that every step taken could experience what was reality.

However no thing on this earth can be assured of permanent existence for the natural cycle of life and death has its effect widespread in everything that also has happiness within its reach.

What was received till that day was suddenly stopped by an obstacle made out of strongest walls built out of air. Closeness when seen physically had in it hidden a distance of mental divergence of feelings hundreds of miles.

Tears started rolling down which it thought would continue for ever and ever. But they did stop. The reason was not the return of happiness which was expected to take place but the weary heart which was so exhausted that it could shed no more tears.

It had learnt to spend the rest of its life cherishing those remembrances and a hope that they would return again. Now and then feelings of happiness did interrupt prolonged misery for not more than a few seconds for those twinkling stars of happiness feared its death and its burial among sands of times on whose every grain was the surface film of tears which makes one wonder if tears were shed on sand or sand on tears.

Prolonged sadness having left no other alternative to it has made it think over every sacrifice that has been justified by it earlier in the past.

It has left everything for someone so loving with a hope that love never dies. It had done everything it had been asked for without asking even a single question. It had broken all other relations as it thought that the unification of a thousand of those existing relations was the one it was enjoying.

Now what had those relations returned to it for the love it had showered on the ones it loved? It had left misery for this little heart to wade through to reach its first milestone failing which life would be a hell.

How can it tolerate sadness unbound when there exists no concrete assurance of its end? But it was the hope that one day you will realize what has been presented to you to enjoy. But what if the masterpiece has already taken its last breath? Are atleast the souls destined to meet to live in one another company? Only time can answer it.

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