A setback for expressions

The experience of the one you wish to become closer to, avoiding you, words becoming scarce to talk, actions confined to simple gestures and the growing disparity is the greatest shock and the biggest exam one can ever face in their life. The mind and the heart become so weary and lifeless as if a journey round the earth has just been completed.

Mental gloomness can be seen on the face but not felt by those who really need to take care of it. The growing distance might not be a solid proof to the illusioned fact that there exists some differences of understanding. It is the slightest evidence of shyness to confess something you really need to confess.

Each of the just blossoming hearts might wish to say something to the other be it friendship or love but the feeling of fear that arises from nowhere lies as an obstacle to that task which if completed could unite two hearts in the spirit of friendship.

Often such step backs might not prove dangerous, for, one day or the other, one or the other is sure to express something that ought to be expressed long ago. But the problem arises when that day is going to be a dream…


Maxens M. Finch

I just find your blog and you're really agreeable to read.
How would you push yourself to express that thing?
Are the drawings you sometimes add here yours?
Thanks :)
(hope my comment sounds natural and not stupid...)


Thanks very much Pashupati. I just write whatever comes to my mind and to speak the truth most of the views expressed here are a result of experience. The drawings that I have added in the blog posts have been drawn by me. Though they seem not that good, hope they are somewhat sensible.

Maxens M. Finch

Well, they are good.
They are drawn in a naive style... Much like a kid would.
They capture emotions. They are clear.
I don't know, but they are good.

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