The message from the rays of hope

The new year promising success and fulfilling wishes has been given a warm welcome with the sun rays carrying beams of wishes that strayed into the house through the windows leaving the beautiful roses out there, never minding the glass panes nor the curtains, all this done just to wish me on this occasion.

They bought with them a message that could change a hell into a heaven, sorrow to joy, egoism and hatred to love and assurance.

Just like the revelation to Lord Buddha and the preaching of the Bhagvad Gita by Shri Krshna to Arjuna on the battlefield, these rays did convey a message to me that read as, ‘Keep waiting for success till it comes to you never minding any obstacles, and keep trying. Keep aside your ego. If there is something that you are really trying for, be it on the side of academics, your profession or a wish for the one that you love, you never get tired waiting for it. The wait might last for ages together but the hope and wish that exists just somewhere in the luke and corner of your heart but whose message does reach each and every inch keeps up your spirit.’

It also did tell me, ‘When you lose hope, just think if you can live without what you wished for. If yes, then leave the worthless job being preformed which could end in vain or else keep trying for it for you cannot live without it.’

I closed my eyes for a moment to think over what has been said. What I could realize was that if my hope and wish is to be deserted, then where the life in me would go to. I chose to try for what I wanted. I am doing it and will continue to do it because I can’t live without it.

I can wait for you with the hope and confidence that you have provided me earlier in my life,, that exists now in dreams which are being cherished while waiting for you...



Happy New Year...


Good Luck with success! Happy belated new year!

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