The halted search for truth

The morning sun awakens every day not withdrawn by weariness to offer us a source that would enable us to see the day’s end. Little would one accept that the raging ball of fire did in reality move to the other side of the world. A sense of possession and inseparability makes us deny the fact and accept the things that are soft on the ears and pleasing to the heart, uncared about the distortion of truth. Life is all about shaping it to bring it to form that has no trace of its originality; yet offering us what we demand. 

In a far off land, there lived a lone man- lone when viewed from the eyes of the world around but massive when seem from the lone man’s view. A small world, encompassed of a single digited number of friends was all that had filled every accessible corner of his life. Happiness was to result from their acts. Tears were to roll down the eyes when he was overloaded with that happiness. Sorrow was to be shared with them and in short, life was to be led with them. Ages passed and one fine day, there arose an impulsive thought to find out the truth and reality of life. Answers were expected not from those people but from within for one of the two probable reasons that either truth would get concealed under love or that truth might not be as expected demanding an explanation for the not so meaningful life that has passed away till then.

An array of statements had piled up, each one of them eager to unearth the truth hidden beneath themselves- the truth in the love that was showered, the truth in the way that love was perceived, the truth in the longevity of the relations and the truth in the very existence of that love or the illusion of the existence of that love. But delving into the depths of these statements only unearthed more and more statements which demanded an assessment of the truth in them. With a determined mind, the hunt for truth intensified. After a few more moments elapsed, the fear that the assumed truth might turn out to be a distorted truth built up. A further attempt to continue the search would only result in a shattered life that cannot be reconstructed. 

A safe assumption that the distorted truth in reality would help in the peaceful existence of life until death dawns upon it. But how long can truth are concealed in the light of that love; however conditional it may be is the real question.


Sunitha Tiwari


Jayashree Srivatsan

That was No Light Hearted Talk :) Enjoyed the read :D


Hey, who moved my truth? Philosophical, indeed.

It may sound sombre but apart from the truth of death every other truth is elusive.


veyr very philosophical indeed..

but then i do think what is truth do we know .. as what is truth for us maynot be the truth for someone else ..

so it depends on a person view what truth is :)



hmmmm ...deep thoughts !!!! very impressive .

indu chhibber

Truth is very elusive-all distort it to suit their needs.


I did not expect such a deep philosophical post, Ranjith! Like this post! Truth is subjective--it is how each person sees it--the seeing emerges from a set of socio-cultural background and the irony of time. There is no ONE Truth but rather many truths like that disco ball--each side shines light in myriad colors--all are true, valid. In midst of the myriad colors, we stand aware--it is the light that made those colors happen!

S.V.Sai baba

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Shalu Sharma

Very interesting post. Almost metaphysical.


"Truth" which is very easy to say and truthful person is more relaxed and stress free compare to untruthful person.Above content is full of meaningful thoughts and impressive thoughts, keeping sharing such a nice topic......


Hi Ranjith,

It's great to be at your blog.

It seems we can all create our own distortions, which become Truth for us. If our 'Truths' are serving us, then great. If they are not, then perhaps it's time to create some new 'distortions'.

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