Little thoughts

Life starts all ALONE. Someone enters, someone leaves but at the end you are still alone waiting for the death to help you start a new life all alone, once again.  

The CANDLE lights up even the darkest of places, unbothered of itself being moving closer to death as every drop of wax trickles down. Men too, as they move closer to death, spread light in the lives of people and as they approach the end; their sacrifice knows no bounds.

Life is a journey that never ends. The DISTANCE that is left to be covered is as long as the distance already travelled, no matter how much you move forward. 

As FRESH as the morning dew, life begins. Time moves on and with it, takes away the freshness.

Death isn’t the end. It is just the LIGHT guiding you to your destination or rather a new start even when the whole world refuse to show you the path.

Every STREET is a point of decision making. Make a wrong decision and you will have to retrace your path to select a new road hoping that atleast your new decision will be fruitful.

The TOOLS are with you, always in your hand. All that you need to know is to use the right one at the right time.

Humans are nothing but an ART of God, carefully crafted with emotions of various kinds. We perform, he enjoys.

None looked at the RAIN drop when it travelled all alone from the heaven to the Earth. But it soon turned into rain with millions of other rain drops joining it and the world looked at it with awe.

A life full of sorrow is as boring as a life full of bliss. A perfect combination of these two SHAPES - bliss and sorrow creates a wonderful pattern which forms the basis for a wonderful life.

NIGHT descends and life pauses. But on the other side of the earth, it marks the beginning of a new day. 

This is my entry for Pade - Photo a Day Experiment organised by Sfurti and Ritu.



Awww expected. A very very very special entry from you!!!

Poonam Khanduja

Nice Work Kiddo!
All In One - 11 At A Time. :)


nice set of pictures..


nice thought and realistic photos

Ghumakkar Punit

Sahi hai baap---ek hi post me saare (almost) themes ko dho dala :P

You are an Ustad of Eleventh Hour :P

Ritu KT

What??? 11 in one? Only IB Forum king can pull this off. Awesome!


Wow Ranjith...beautiful words with awesome pics :)


Images and content,WOW!


That is an amazing post with day to day pictures


Amazing clicks….

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