The Song of Friendship

After travelling through thick forests, mountains, rivers and oceans, the sparrow finally reached the place where it wanted to spend the rest of its life. Twig by twig, it made it's nest. Before entering into its heavenly abode, it wanted to offer prayers to God for ensuring that things move smoothly atleast in the next life. It flew to a nearby tree, under the shade of which God was resting as a rock. After completing the task, it flew back to experience the golden moment - when it would enter into its abode for the first time. But what it saw over there broke its heart into pieces. The twigs laid scattered on the ground and its prospective home was conquered by another bird. Heart broken, it pressed itself hard against a thorny bush. It's blood dripped onto the green cover below - with every drop of it hoping for something better in the next life.

Moving few months backward in time, one can see two little birds, exploring every inch of the earth. They flew over thick forests, mountains, rivers and oceans; and sang to the world the song of true friendship. Their presence turned the earth into heaven and their song felt like the ambrosia that could infuse new life in the dead. The flapping of their wings set the air in motion to spread the message of true friendship to every nook and corner of the world. As they immersed in the company of one another, a terrible thing took place. The arrow from a wicked hunter’s bow hit one of the birds. Blood started dripping down to the earth, that was pure enough to cleanse even the cruellest of humans, but not the hunter. He aimed his arrow at the other bird that was flying down to the one covered in blood which was just a few moments away from its death. ‘Get away from here. I shall see your smiles from the world above and will be waiting for our next life when we can continue our journey’, the bird said and it left for the heaven that was ready to welcome it.
The birds stopped flying forward all of a sudden. Something seemed to be calling the two from the land below - calls that appeared to have been preserved for hundreds of years waiting for this moment when they could unveil themselves and fulfil the purpose of their existence. The birds descended down and landed on a tree. For minutes, silence was all that the surroundings was a witness too. Memories from the past seemed to unfold themselves, scene by scene as slowly as they could, to allow the two to recollect and relive their past. Tears of joy were seen in both their eyes. They built their nests and prayed to the God set in stone under the shade of the tree. They sang to the tune of the air about the friendship of the two birds that survived the cycle of life and death while the stars above smiled and wished them a happy life ahead.

Image Credits: Ajeet Sharma


Me Mumbaikar

Wonderful song of friendship, of joy and tears.


True friendship is really a blessing. Nice story Ranjith... :-)


Waah mere sher! Waiting you to display that top post badge here now ;)

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