The day when the earth plunged into darkness

All of a sudden, the entire world that housed mankind in harmony with nature has plunged into darkness. It was a transition unpredictable and unavoidable. The sun that had earlier radiated light and heat has now enveloped itself in a black cozy sheet of refusal. The street lights refused to light up and so did the fluorescent tubes in the houses.

It was a combined movement raised by the forces of nature who in unison said that they could no more be a witness to the treachery and deceit on earth.

Life had come to a halt. Everyone stood still fixed to the ground without even a stir fearing them colliding with any massive objects in their way. Silence prevailed at all places. The world had become so quiet that even the rustle of the green leaves, intact to the twigs and branches, could be heard clearly.

At times, the shriek of a new born baby would terrify every human soul that believed in ghosts and spirits. Stories were weaved up by grandmothers around this remarkable historic incident.

Discussions abundant had occupied the prime time slots, mostly revolving around the solution to end the catastrophe. The deities in the temples were bribed with offerings and sacrifices. Scientists sent out expeditions to space to search out for an alternative sun. Optimists had a hope that at least one of these human trials would bear fruits while pessimists took the stand that it was the end of mankind.

 But life did continue. Every new morning dwindled the hope for a normal life and moved life towards even more miseries.

One fine day, a messenger of God landed on Earth and said, ‘If only e ach one of you lit just one little candle….’

 Small things do make a lot of difference.


Vishal Kataria

Well, I was just thinking this morning that it's about time 'Judgment Day' comes around. I'm tired of the amount of spite and malice in this world. We seem to have lost our humanity. Maybe the fine messenger of God will say "If only you guys had lit 1 candle in your heart, you wouldn't need any sun."


@ Vishal That's 100% percent true. We need to lit candles of love in our hearts if happiness is to re enter this world fully occupied with grief and sorrow.

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