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mobile phone
It was a monotonous wait from the moment the first ray had striked the earth. My anxious eyes were looking forward for the arrival of the postman who would bring along with him the letters written by my son. Something unexpected, either the good or the bad seemed to happen that day for there was no clue of the postman even after the clock struck six.

It was getting darker and there were indications of a heavy rainfall. In a few more minutes, rain drops landed one by one on me that later turned into a heavy downpour. I was drenching in the rain but I was reluctant to go into my little house. I could not see the day pass away without a letter from my son.

Memories of those beautiful days when my son was a small child were re cherished by me, unbothered of the rain. Those were the days of happiness. With the passage of time, my son had to leave for the city in order to lead a life without problems. I had to accept it with reluctance. We were still connected by letters and that I what I was waiting for.

After an hour or two, the downpour stopped and I could see the postman coming towards my house. I was surprised to see that the usual letter that he hands over to me has taken the form of a gift wrapped parcel.

It was something sent by my son for me. I quickly opened it and found a rectangle shaped object inside it along with a letter from my son. I had the least idea of what it was. On reading the letter, I figured out that it was a gadget that served the purpose of wireless communication.

Even today, I wonder how the letters have paved way to a mobile phone without the telephone invented by Graham Bell involved in the transition.

My son said that the gadget would help us to get closer to each other and we need not eagerly wait for the postman. It was intended to share our feelings at any time of the day, be it six in the early morning or twelve in the midnight when everyone put their mind and body to rest.

Added to the joy of connectivity was the excitement of being different from the crowd and the curiosity to explore the many aspects of that little gadget. I turned over the pages of the manual to explore the world of that gadget.

I was excited to know that the mobile phone ahs the ability to display the date and time which would mean that I need not wear a wristwatch all the time. It has an in built panchangam which might mean the loss of dakshina to the holy priest. It would help me when the power goes off with its wonderful torch, thereby reducing the use of matchsticks and candle.

I could assign a different ringtone to each of my acquaintances thereby making me the man who has the ability to know the one who is calling even without having a glance at the mobile and talking over it.

It would help me send letters in a digital format and would remind me of important occasions. It would entertain me with its wide range of games that were loaded in it.

In short, I would be distinguishable from others and would be the most respected person in my village. The phone would be a reflection of my attitude. People would treat me with due respect for I will be able to talk to any person in any corner of the world. I would be requested by other people to connect me with their beloved ones. I would become popular every day.

With thoughts like these, I went into a deep slumber. I woke up the next morning and realized that my dreams were shattered into pieces.

Even today, I wonder how to switch on that gadget. The manufacturer had not cared to mention it in the manual.

I still wait outside my house, drenching in the rain and baring the harsh sun, waiting for the letter from my son. I wonder if he still remembers me.

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Meera Sundararajan

Very touching Ranjith. I talk a lot on the mobile but I truly believe that nothing can bring you the joy that a hand written letter can.


@ Meera Sundararajan Thanks a lot. Hand written letters have the power as they are carefully written in such a way that they will reflect the feelings of the one who had written the letter.


Sigh!! It has been years since I have written a letter. Atleast, I write for the blog else I will forget about writing.


@ Sairam Never mind about that thing. The next time you wish to post something on your blog, do it on a piece of paper and send it to your friend asking for a feedback. later on, publish the same thing on your blog. A dual purpose will be solved.

Sourabh K Rao

nice...totally liked the innocence of the father and his patience...whic is lackin in our present generations...well writtten,


@ ZeroCool Thank you. The innocent people in the world are the ones who are the happiest. The father has a confidence that his son would write a letter to him. In that waiting lies happiness.


very beautifully written indeed. the last letter i wrote was to my grnadparents- but do personal emails count?


@confusedyuppie Thank you. Personal e mails do help us stay in touch with our beloved ones. But still, the joy that a letter written in our handwriting gives is much more than the joy that an electronic mail gives us.


Wonderful blog.

Sambit Satpathy

Haa! Good one!! You are absolutely right there is something absolutely different about writing and receiving a hand-written letter. It is just so much more genuine and romantic!


@ Sambit Satpathy Thank you. Its true that hand written letters are special in their own way. It is easy to hit a few keys and click the send button but it is not the same with a hand written letter.


nice one ranjith, was touching and brought a smile at the end, may be because of the sudden ending, i expected it to be really really emotional


Nice one! I have never written letters in my life other than emails and SMS. This post inspired me to write a letter and post to my parents. Thanks!


@ Animesh Ganguly I feel happy that I was able to make a person smile.
@ SSN Hope that you do it soon and continue doing it.

Satish Mutatkar

Well said Ranjith. The art of letter writing will be lost in another 10 years :( In fact, even now, people have a tough time remembering life without cell phones.


@ Satish Mutatkar I wonder how you have come to a conclusion on the exact duration. Whatever may the duration, the day will surely come.


I must say I have to disagree. I think if a person is over 30, they remember the days of "landlines"(regular telephones), and those over 40-45, phones with a rotary dial. (Oops! I showing my age!) LOL! I love the idea of handwritten letters, except for the fact that I don't trust the postal service, and e-mail is faster. Not to mention cheaper in the long run. Also, my handwriting is atrocious! I can't read my own writing most of the time, so I can't expect others to be able to.
I really like your blog and will now be following you on your blog and on bloggers.

God Bless,


@ PJ I do accept that even most of the people today who are over the age of 40 are aware of telephones. But still, when it comes to the Indian scenario, there are many of the kind I have mentioned here. There are many villages in India which are in no way connected to the outer world. They are isolated from the rest of the country. And, e amil surely is faster and cheaper, if it is available.


Mobile is cool no doubt but nothing can take place of a letter written by a close someone. The feelings it brings and preserve within its folds are priceless..Great nostalgic post..Also, Added you to my network. Thanks for voting for me.


Beautifully written. Interesting angle.

Anukriti Sharma

Hey Ranjith! beautiful post... amazingly touching! Loved this anecdote. The communication gadgets of days gone by are indeed lost in our memories... your post revived the memories of one of the most beautiful ways of communicating-through letters


very beautifully explained post. Gud one Ranjith


Great Post on a Great Blog, keep it up!


Very touching and wonderfully written


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