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Ramu and Shyam were friends since childhood. They spent every moment of their lives together. They went to school together, played together and studied together. If one of them is removed from either of their lives, then what would result is an uninteresting, incomplete life that needs immediate attention. Their friendship didn’t end with school. They got admission in the same university for undergraduate studies and they both also secured a well-paid job in the same top multinational company. Nothing can ever separate the two of them, they thought. They had been together since childhood and will be so for the rest of their lives. While they were flying high in these thoughts, a terrible incident took place in their lives. On the first day of office, Ramu reached office on time while Shyam couldn’t as his car broke down on the way. They thought that nothing could separate them but a car had!

A good car that you can trust is extremely important. What do you do if your car , after being used for ages, in no more in a condition to be reliant on? And you don’t have enough money to buy a brand new car? Nothing to worry. There is Quikr, the most popular online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Quikr has a dedicated section for cars and bikes. Given the huge number of sellers, it would never be the case that you do not get the model that you want at the price that would be acceptable to you. And another notable feature is the online integrated chat application which allows you to talk with the seller and bargain, seek more information or clarify your doubts.

With Quikr, upgrading your car would never be a problem. Even with the constraints of budget and your preferences, you will surely get the car that you desire. Getting a better car is no more an ordeal that involves repeated visits to second hand car dealers and long uninteresting discussions and bargaining. Upgrading your car is now as easy as clicking a few mouse buttons. The entire process of upgrading your car would hardly take a few minutes. The process is not only easy but also interesting.

Here is the link to the listing of the cars on sale on Quikr. As you can see, it has 3 lakh+ listings. With such a huge number of listings, you are spoilt for choice. To make it easier for you, a number of filters are available. You can choose your city so that no costs are involved in getting the vehicle delivered at your home. You can also filter by the brand of the car, the price range, the year in which the vehicle was bought, the recentness of the ad, the colour of the car and many other parameters. Even after filtering, you would still be left with ample choice that you might also consider rolling a dice to randomly select one of the cars.

When upgrading your car is so easy, what are you waiting for? Visit Quikr right now, search for the car that you want, contact the owner and the car is all yours!

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