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Gone are the times when all the days of one’s life starting from birth to death were spent in the same city. Parents never bothered about whether their children studied in the prestigious of all institutes in the country or in some small unknown school in some corner of the city. All that mattered was that the child received some education. The ones, just out from colleges didn’t dream of flying high. Their feet stayed on the ground and looked for a job in the city to which they belonged. Amassing wealth wasn’t a priority. And then comes marriage. A suitable match is found again in the same city. And then, into one’s lives enter children and grandchildren. Finally, one waits to get absorbed back into the same soil from which they were born.

But that is a story of the past. The world is moving at too fast a pace for people of the old times to catch up with. The distance between Bangalore and Delhi isn’t too much. Agartala is no longer a place in some corner of the country. Hyderabad is at a distance of a stone’s throw from Bangalore. People compete with one another. They move from one city to another too frequently, in search of better opportunities. Refuse to move, and you will get left behind.

So, how does one begin a new life in new life in a new city? How to build a house once again from scratch, right from the mats at the door to the beds. Is there someone to help you out? Yes, there is. Quikr - One of the most popular sites on the internet to buy and sell things. And the focus here would be the Bangalore microsite of quikr. If one is relocating to a new place for work or better opportunities, then there would be a high chance that it would be Bangalore. Bangalore is one of the few cities abound with opportunities for growth and professional development. How does one make a relocation to Bangalore more pleasant?

The homepage of Banglore quikr gives a perfect overview of all that you need - Cars and Bikes, Mobiles and Tablets, Electronics and Appliances, Services etc. All that you need to do is click on each category and choose one of the product from several hundred available for sale.

The maid is probably the first person who might be of immense help to you just after moving to Bangalore. You can search on quikr for amaid and half of your work is done. The maid would help ease a lot of burden involved in setting up your new home.

And now, one needs to move to furniture and appliances. A sofa set, a TV,  a refrigerator and a few other appliances. All of them are available on Quikr here.  If you are interested in saving a few bucks for the future, you can also filter the listing so that only used products are shown to you. A great way to save money after you enter a new city. You can of course move all your appliances from your previous city to your new home. But you would probably like to visit your own city every now and then. Having a second set of items isn’t necessarily a bad idea, especially if you love the city you have lived in for years.  And there is also QuikrX where you get 30 day money back guarantee.

And finally, you need something to explore Bangalore - its chaos and beauty. Yes, you it right. You need a bike and Quikr has listings of bikes also from different manufactures like Honda, TVS, Bajaj etc.

Now, that you are comfortably relocated in Bangalore,  it is time to say thanks to Quikr.

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