My dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

‘Home is the best place to be at’ is a statement heard often from people around us, especially from those who are away from their home or have been so in the past. What makes a home so special and heavenly? Family and relations are surely the most important. But there are other minor things that contribute to the heavenly nature of home. One has complete control over one’s home and can choose and arrange things the way one wants. All this talk boils down to making your home a bit more heavenly with products from Poecelanosa.

Poecelanosa is an industry leader in bath and kitchen products.  Poecelanosa was born in a little village in the Mediterranean. It  has ventured into the Asia market by partnering with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand.

What are the things from Poecelanosa that I would like to have?

Let’s get started with the floor tiles and wall tiles. One might not stare or observe the flooring or walls intentionally. But one keeps seeing the floor or walls unintentionally and casually all times as it is spread all over the house. It would infact look unnatural if someone tries to move their eyes away from the tiles or walls. Or the right thing to say would be that it would look odd if a person closes his eyes trying to avoid looking at the floor or the walls.

I would like to choose ‘Natural Wood’ from Poecelanosa for the flooring. Wood makes us feel closer to nature. The not so glaring (when compared with marble or similar tiles) and are soft on the eyes. Also, it doesn’t feel cold during the winters. Poecelanosa offers wooden tiles from a wide range of woods like French oak, North American cherry and maple. I would love to have the wooden flooring shown in the picture below.  (link - Pg 29) It looks simple yet elegant and is perfect for a living room.

The wall tiles (also shown in the picture above) come in natural stone - a perfect companion for the natural wooden flooring. It is quite a good contrast to the wooden flooring and this contrast makes the combination  adorable.

And now, I move on to the kitchen - the most important part of the house that one cannot resist entering every now and then. I would like to have the entire set of furniture shown in the picture below. (link - Pg 74) A good match to the wooden flooring that I have chosen for the living room. The transition from the living room to the kitchen would appear seamless with this furniture set.

The living room and the kitchen are the most important places in a house and with the products that I have chosen, I hope that my home would become a better place to live and love.

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