Love, Adventure and Miracle

Moulds of humans were casted by the almighty. Life was magically infused into them. They were then made to descend down to the earth. They loitered every inch of the world. They grew into well-built men and women, both physically and mentally. Tons of wealth was accumulated. Hundreds of relations were formed, and of course, a few of them were broken too. Next came the time to depart from the heavenly world. The casts were left behind. Only the everlasting souls started their journey back to the adobe of God. And then, they had to wait for their next turn to revisit the world in different forms. They were heard speaking to themselves, 'A cycle of life and death was completed...' But was it the reality?

Is that all what life is- the descend down to the earth and a few years later an ascend upwards with the interim being void and routine? If yes, what was the need for life to be infused in those inanimate objects? Canít the same cycle be completed by a motor driven robot that demolishes itself in the end? What is it that makes life so special and interesting? Why every day isnít the same? Why do we wish to extend our lives to the maximum? Is life so special? Is it so unique? Is it different for each one of us?

........And the answer is a yes. Something wouldnít have been lifeless unless life defines the lively things it is encompassed of. Life wouldnít seek the path to extend itself unless it has some love, adventure and miracle in it.

Love, adventure and miracle are just three simple words but they are the essence of life itself. A monotonous, boring and uninteresting life is the one characterised by the absence of these three things. But what is love? And what is adventure? And what is miracle? Does the Oxford define them in a way each one of us is ready to believe? Or does each one of us have a definition unique to ourselves?

On hearing the word love, the first image that would strike us is the scene of a young boy and a girl seated on a bench in one corner of the beautiful park lost in a world of their own. Nothing in this entire world, including the most powerful witches, can part them from one another. They have castles built in the air with love as the foundation and taken care of all the time lest they come down to the earth c rushing. Is that the only love that this world is aware of?

The answer is a definite no. Love has infinite dimensions and each one of them is unique and lovable. There exists the love of the mother for her children, the love of the children for their parents, the love of the little kids for toys, toffees and cookies, the love of a scholar for literature, the love of a teacher for hers students, the love for wealth, the love for happiness and inner peace of mind and ultimately the love for oneself.

Love can arise in anyoneís heart from a kid to an old man or a woman, from the poorest of the poor to richest of the rich and from the daily labourer trying to make both ends meet who keeps blaming his illiteracy as the cause to the scholar seeking to increase his knowledge. Love can be for anything, be it materialistic or a non-materialistic thing. There can even be love for love itself, the love to be loved by others.

Love is everlasting.....? Is that really so? There were many instances where love was an entity existing for a very short period of time but there was the real love in every second of those short and sweet moments. Love has evaded every minute space of ours just as ether in the universe. Turn to any of your sides and you can find love in one form or the other. In fact, at that moment, you are in love with the desire to hunt out for love.

But what is love? It is something which evens the most romantic writer would find it difficult to answer. In short, love is LOVE.

Adventure and Miracle
Then come the entities: Adventure and Miracle. Though no0t as complicated as love, they ëtoo are special and peculiar in their own way. Everyone defines adventure and miracle in a style unique to themselves. In fact, the successful competition of an adventure is a miracle for it might not have been perceived to be so easy an adventure. And at the same time, the failure to derive something out of an adventure might be a miracle too for that adventure might have thought to be nothing more than a child's play.

The one who finds himself talking for just 24 hours a day might perceive maintaining silence for a minute to be an adventure and if it does really take place, it is then surely a miracle performed by one of the several miraculous forces diffused in the air all around us. A mountain trekker might not term reaching the peak of a mountain as an adventure after a few accomplishments but that same thing is surely an adventure for a common man. The slightest unusual change in the sun is a miracle for the scientific minds but not for the common man who neither has the time nor the interest to think over the change. Adventures are relative, and the same applies toy miracles too.

In my life
I might have to search in the depths of my past to unearth those three magic words for they are not something that take place every day in the life of a common man. Or speaking the facts, they do take place every second of our lives but are so trivial that they are hardly noticed and remembered to be reflected at a time later on in life.

My memories date back to the time when I was a small kid of three years, dropped by my parents in an alien world full of devils and demons, shortly termed as school. I wondered if it did really contain the witches which I used to watch on the little television at our house. The sobs, shouts and heart killing shrieks of the kids around me did induce fear in my heart. But I resisted a change in my facial expressions for I believed even at that small age that I was a brave and a bold man who would come to the rescue of those in trouble. I wonder if it was the batman or the superman who had infused such comical thoughts in me.

My parents had to leave and I was taken to my seat by the teacher. I really felt as if I was really in an unknown world for I seemed to be the only odd one out whose eyes werenít filled with tears. I looked around to see if I could find a companion whose eyes were dry. I turned all around starting from the left until the trajectory of my eyes ended at my right. And I jumped up my seat, feared by another child, just as small as me, who was looking deep into my eyes. I recovered a few seconds later and found myself conversing with him all the time about the snacks we had bought, the toffees our parents would present every morning as a bribe to come to school and the heroic acts of batman and superman.

The love then
There was something unknown in the air between us. I did not know what it was then but now I feel that it was my love for his friendship. It was the love for his sweetest and kindest words. It was the love for his innocence that at times seemed to pacify me unsuccessfully when a tear or two would visit my eyes, forgetting my status of a brave man. And finally, it was the love to be present beside him at all times.

The adventure then
Days passed on smoothly till one day when neither of our parents had come to pick us up. We were too playful at that stage of life and perceived it as a chance to do all the naughty things and impose tension on our parents. We slipped away from the teacher and decided to explore the world on our own. My friend was a little frightened but I assured him saying that the greatest of all heroes, the bravest of all men and the smartest of all intellectuals was present beside him.

We just thought of moving to the other end of the road and return back to our class soon for we children need not fight with evil powers and villains to be termed adventurous. But destiny had in store something different for us. A motorcyclist moved past us and grabbed the collar of my friendís shirt and drove away quickly from that place. I went into a deep trance for a moment and stood fixed to the ground where I was standing g. in a few more seconds, a team of police appeared on motorcycles and jeeps chasing the motorcyclist. I was confused and I had no idea of what was to be done. I could neither sad there for the rest of my life nor could I do something to help my friend.

I started weeping in consolably. Everyone around me started staring at me and posed questions as to what my name was and where my parents were. I refused to answer any of their queries and the only words that I uttered were 'My friend'. After an hour or so, I could find my class teacher coming towards me. I narrated to her the entire history of events. I would have normally been chided at that moment but seeing the tears in my eyes for the first time, her heart seemed to melt. She was consoling me saying that he would be back soon. And so did it happen. The policemen arrived there with my friend who then came running towards me. He had sustained a few injuries. I started weeping again and the day ended with our sobs.

I had never asked my friend about that incident as I did not wish that he recollect the pain and grief of that day. That day remained as an adventurous day in my life for it was an adventure with my feelings and the conflicts my mind was subjected to. There was a fear of anything unwanted happening toy my friend. My head was clogged with fear and tension. I had to fight the war with my mind and withstand all the pain to see my friend return back safely to me. It was infact an adventure.

The following days passed ones monthly. Every day appeared to be a new day and every day had some pleasant memories to be offered toy me. I wished that the happiness stayed with me for ever. However, the gods seemed to grow jealous and our friendship had to be ended all of a sudden. They had to move to a new city and at that young age, we were not mature enough to understand the need to take each one anotherís phone number to stay connected. We expected fairies to take us to the lovely garden we had spent most of our time, wherever we were in the world. I realised only alter on in life that this world is reality and it has no place to accommodate fairies and magicians.

The miracle then
All this was a miracle of my life. It all started and ended in just three months. It was a miracle spun out of air which finally had to disappear into that same air. It was a miracle for nothing else in life could leave me with the happiest and the most sorrowful moments at once. And something impossible taking place is in fact a miracle. But now I realise that all the importance that I give to friends and friendship was because of that little miraculous friend. I still wait for him with blind hope.

The three
Finally concluding, love, adventure and miracle are closely related to one another. One may have a love for adventure and a love for miracles. And at the same time, adventures and miracles too take place in love too. And these three are the ones responsible for a lively life.

And my gadget
The word gadget brings to my mind the cute little mobile phone that always rests in the pocket of my shirt. There is a wide spread discussion about the harm that this little device can cause but still it hits the top of the list of my favourite gadgets. It helps me connect to the world around me. Though the net can act as a substitute, the mobile phone is special in its own way. Since it is carried by me to wherever I go, it does reflect my personality. The jet black colour of it reflects my dynamic nature. The soft tone it produces reflects my nature of a quiet and calm person. The way I hold it in my hands and I way I talk over it also tell a lot about me. Why would some other gadget be my favourite when the mobile phone acts as my mirror!


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