The Elections

The college had never witnessed so much activity. Every inch of the walls were covered with posters. Processions became the order of the day. Huge groups of people moving around in the campus holding placards and banners became a common sight. Slogans filled every nook and corner of the college. 

There were two contestants, both of whom were strongly determined to get elected as the President. The person who would be elected would be having the final say in every matter related to students. The elections take place every year, but never had the campaigning and the impact been so powerful. Both the candidates were almost at the same footing. They were both equally good in studies and political involvement in the campus. And the most important thing - looks!  Both of them were well groomed, well dressed and clean shaven every day. The entire college was looking forward for the day of elections. Everyone was eager to be a part of the elections. Both had almost an equal number of supporters. And many expected that there would be a tie in the results that would lead to further chaos.

The day of elections arrived.  Both the contestants, Raghu and Aravind moved around randomly in the campus greeting everyone and reminding them to vote. Both their faces had mixed emotions of happiness and fear. But Aravind felt that something wasn’t right that day. His supporters were not as enthusiastic in greeting him as they were on other days. Not everyone in the college was interested to talk to him. On the other hand, people seemed to flock towards Raghu. Greetings, smiles and good wishes were what Raghu was welcomed with while Aravind had to be content with strange looks and voices that showed no enthusiasm. Aravind went into a deep thought wondering what was the reason. He put his hand on his chin and then he realised that he hadn’t shaven that day. Was this the reason for all those strange looks? He kept wondering but was too reluctantant to go back home and shave.

Finally, the results were announced. Raghu won the elections.  Aravind had lost a golden opportunity because of not shaving.

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