The Idea of a Perfect Road Trip

The world and the life have become smaller. The two ends of the world are no longer far enough. Men lose contact with the ground at one place and land at their destination in hours. Hours of time are saved, they think but the not so implicit truth is that hours were spent as a lifeless form which could otherwise be lived to the fullest. Life too has become smaller. A greater part of life is lost letting life pass instead of living life. The world and the life are to be made bigger and a long journey by car is a perfect option. We now take a look at those things that make a road trip perfect.

The vehicle
As already said, hours are saved if the destination is reached via air. But all that one gets to see is clouds of various forms and sizes if lucky, else a vast open space of blue. Some people have the patience and the interest to appreciate every passing cloud but not everyone belongs to that group of some people. Moving through stretches of green patches of land is not as boring as watching colourless clouds. But every nine in ten have a story to tell of a pathetic journey by train. A bus, luxurious and comfortable does a much better job but you are at the mercy of the driver for food and all needs. What one is left with is a car. You can stop it wherever you want, stretch yourself over the roof and watch the passing clouds. Vast stretches of greenery is something that is difficult to be isolated from a long road. And finally you can stop at your favourite eatery, order packed food and savour it on the roadside or in your car.

The purpose
Life wouldn’t have been interesting of we were informed of our future at the time of our birth. Well planned things move smoothly but they rob you of the excitement and chaos that is enjoyable to the core. A journey by car to some place is purposeful by itself. The place doesn’t matter as long as we reach safely someday. What to do at the destination ought to be decided on reaching it. Plans for the next minute would be made seconds before the start of that minute for a chaotic experience.

God didn’t simply create the Earth and enjoy starting at his motionless creation. He landed men and women into it. Their acts and play were the ones that made his hard work meaningful. Life without people is like a pond without water. A journey all alone is interesting but a journey with all the people of our life who matter is even more interesting and preferred given the fact that such journeys are not morning breakfasts that happen every day. There are really only two groups of people that matter - friends and family. Choosing one over the other isn’t a good deal and so the car needs to be packed to the fullest.

The music
What needs hours to be conveyed through words needs seconds if the eyes do the job. The people who matter have always been by your side for your entire life and so they would, in the journey. But talking nonstop for hours only makes you tired. It’s time to seal the mouth and enjoy their presence around you. The eyes shall close, the mind and the heart move back to the past and silence coupled with mild music in the background shall do the work.

And then
And now, the journey shall start. Too many preparations rob the chaos and the perfect idea of a road trip before the start may appear to be the worst one when the trip completes!

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