The Love Proposal

Love is one of the greatest things in life. Few other things are desired by everyone as much as love. Falling in love is a doorway to the happiness in the future. It marks the beginning of a new phase of life where the journey would be enjoyed in the company of another person. Love is a promise to the other individual to stay in their company for ever, to offer a supportive hand at all times, to offer a shoulder on which they can cry and to share each and every moment, be it of joy, sorrow or happiness.  But unfortunately, in most of the cases, the promises are never fulfilled for they are never made. Fear prevents one from expressing their love. The mind is filled with confusions of all sorts. The fear of dire consequences makes one step back. As a result, love remains unexpressed and years down the line, one is often seen sitting languidly in a chair in some dark corner of the room, recollecting the past and thinking about how good life would have been if they had overcome their fears and expressed their love. How would I express my love?

Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to reveal one’s love and make promises that are meant to be fulfilled. Of course, any other day can be chosen but valentine’s day has some unknown magic that has been passed down from ages. Half of the proposals made on this day are made in haste, without thought and for fun. But that doesn’t act as determinant in my case. I am sure that my beloved is smart enough to be able to differentiate my love from the one that is used as a form of entertainment.

I would dress in an attire that is liked by my lover, irrespective of how much liking or hatred I have for those preferences. Once you decide to make someone your life partner, you shouldn’t step back when it comes to compromising on tastes and preferences. Choosing an attire that is liked by my lover will help me in putting forward the point that I am ready to change myself to any extent in order to be a part of her life. The souls that wish to be united cannot have conflicting preferences and tastes. If they do, then the marriage is bound to fail.

Gifts, though not absolutely necessary, do help in making the occasion more special. It isn’t necessary to buy gifts that would leave one’s pocket with a big hole. In fact, doing so might work in the negative. One might consider it as an attempt to buy love. The worth of a gift doesn’t lie in its price tag but in the amount of love that has been infused into that gift. The gift should be able to put forward your love on your behalf. It should have the power to talk and convince. A bouquet of roses, a teddy and some chocolates make a perfect gift while proposing. There isn’t anyone in this world who doesn’t like this standard set of gift items. But even then, one needs to put some effort while choosing these gifts. A teddy of a colour disliked by my beloved can lead to disasters. Flowers that lack enthusiasm and charm are a big no.

And then comes the final thing - the love letter. Even in this age when love proposals can be made through sms messages and emails, a love letter still works miracles. Every word that I write on the paper would speak of the intense love that I have for her. The golden ink would drive away the darkness and confusion in her mind and make her accept my love.

In an attire that is according to her tastes, with chocolates, teddy and flowers in one hand, and a love letter in the other hand, I would like to propose to my lover on a rainy day at a temple. Nothing is better than a new beginning at a scared place.

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