The Party

Everyone in the city were very excited about it. The city edition of a leading newspaper had carried an advert of a new year party, the ticket of which costs 10 lakh per person. This was followed by TV adverts. Literally, all add slots were filled with the TVC of this particular party. Other than the cost of the ticket, no other details were revealed about the party except that there would be many surprises. ‘What could be the surprises be?’ was the most popular discussion for those few days. News channels invited experts to speak on the topics. Online websites and forums too were filled with the same discussions. What could the surprises be? Would be they served food in diamond plates or would it be some trick like the iPhone app that costs around 1000$ which simply adds a picture of a jewel on  your home screen? Everyone was looking forward for the day.

Priya had fallen in love with Raghu just a few days ago and they both were enjoying their newly found love. No park, shopping mall and movie theatre was left by the couple. They spent almost the entire day roaming and talking to each other. The chatting used to continue into the night on Whats App. And then a terrible thing happened. Priya too got to know about the New Year party that costs ten lakh per person and she wanted to attend it with Raghu. The difficult times for Raghu had started. From where would he get twenty lakh rupees? He visited every friend and acquaintance for a week and finally managed to amass 20 lakhs.

The day of the party had finally arrived. They both were dressed in their best costumes. They both looked as if they were made for each other. When they were about to enter the venue, a terrible thing happened. The security guard wouldn’t let Raghu in. He says that he didn’t look like a person who could have bought a ticket for ten lakhs. He must have stolen it from somewhere. Raghu was astonished. He wore a costly suit and a watch and was well dressed. How could the security guard talk in that way? After an hour of quarrelling, Raghu was finally let in. Priya and Raghu were all embarrassed. They couldn’t enjoy the party.

After returning home, Raghu looked in the mirror trying to find out what was wrong with his appearance. The stubble! It dominated his costly attire and made him look like a person who had stolen a new year party ticket!

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