The missed opportunity

It was an important day for Karan. He had spent years buried in books, working hard with patience and perseverance. Today is the day of his interview. He was all set to go to the company where he would be probably working for the rest of his lifetime. He was well prepared to answer any question. He woke up early that day and got dressed like a gentleman and was all set to impress the interviewers and get a job. But alas! He missed something important that was going to ruin his life.

He reached the office much in advance of the scheduled time. He was asked to be seated in the waiting room and as time passed by, more and more people began entering the room who had come for the interviews.  There were a lot of people contending for the available position but Karan was confident of his abilities. He believed in the skills he had acquired over the years and was confident of bagging the job. He looked around and he could see anxiety on almost every week. This had further strengthened his confidence. And the moment arrived. He was called in for the interview and on the way to the room where the interview was scheduled to happen, the lady accompanying him said that he has a very good profile and is sure to crack the interview.

But things didn’t go well. None of the interviewers appeared to be interested in interviewing him. They quickly asked a few questions to which he gave answers in seconds. The interview ended after a few minutes and he left the room. He was told that the results will be conveyed in  day or two. But he waited there to know how others performed. None of the other aspirants seemed to be happy. That further raised his hopes.

But the next day, he was surprised seeing the rejection mail. He couldn’t think of any reason. He lifelessly walked towards the mirror and looked into it. The stubble! It has made him miss a golden opportunity.

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